Déjà vu?

Following Soutie’s lead, here’s another colourful picture to brighten the Chariot.

3/335, with Pup on 140 and Punter on 137.   Sydney revisited?  Let’s hope so.

If this means nothing to you, please don’t worry about it, but you can click on the piccie if you want to find out.   Cricket Tragics won’t need to. 😀

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

5 thoughts on “Déjà vu?”

  1. Ha ha ‘Following Soutie’s lead.’ I was however about 10 minutes or so late (Sipu’s ‘Trial by jury’ sneaked in ahead of me and we did indeed have a colourless front page!

    Well, what a difference a summer makes, three months ago the Aussie public were crying in their beers, no Katich? Why Ponting? Is Pup good enough? No spinner (okay, I’m not sure if that slot has been solved but you haven’t needed one so far, perhaps the ODI’s?) No coach.

    I for one am delighted that your current crop came good, sure I’d like to have seen a bit more bottle from the Indians (the batsmen that is, the bowlers haven’t been to bad.)

    I’m still a bit bemused about Dhoni’s match ban for the slow over rate, I’m well aware that it was his second offence and that he was fully updated during all sessions of the offending test but it’s a rule that I wasn’t aware of until the ban was announced.

  2. Hmm, Soutie you make some good points. But, not wanting to answer for Bearsy, nor be accused of being an aussiephile, Punter is past it, Clarke weak minded against tough opposition and they just can’t seem to get the right openers. I’ve just seen the T20 squad announced, and the selectors seem to pick old ‘uns and complete unknowns! I’m not convinced by the bowler department either, although Siddle and Hilfinhaus have got big hearts but are not McGrath-like. And indeed, the lack of spin has to be of concern.

    Cfedit to the Aussies though, they have come back smelling a little of roses. The biggest point for me is the dreadful performance of the Indians overall. They look tired of cricket. The ban for slow over rates has often been threatened but rarely used. Should be done more often, struggling to get 90 overs in a day is a joke. All countries seem guilty of it these days. Just like golfers too as an aside.

  3. Thanks Soutie and Cuprum.

    I am slow to awaken this morning, so I won’t attempt a full answer right now. However, I agree pretty much with all the points that Cuprum makes. I’ll try to go into more detail later today if I can drag myself away from watching us collapse in day two. 🙂

  4. Bearsy – shows what we know! Good day for the green baggies. From an English cricket perspective, long may Pup and Punter continue!

    I wonder whether Sachin will get his 100th ton at the batting friendly Adelaide?

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