RIP, Sherm

Backside and I are fans of M*A*S*H. It was sometimes cringingly sentimental but more often grippingly ironic and entirely relevant; a tour de force in the genre of ‘war soaps’ that has barely aged a year since it was produced almost 40 years ago. And Harry Morgan who has just died, aged 96, typified its intelligent examination of conflict, both medically and politically. He played Col. Sherman Potter for eight of its glorious years.

RIP, Sherm.

Author: Janus

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6 thoughts on “RIP, Sherm”

  1. Hear hear, he was a great asset to an already iconic show, it shocks me when I see some of the MASH stalwarts today, we tend to see them as they were, not as they are, yet another reminder of times winged chariot.

  2. Rick, a good point. Yes , it was tragi-comedy of the best vintage, tickling both the funny-bone and the heart strings.

  3. The opening bars of the theme tune will forever remind me of my first few months living in the US. I discovered Cable TV and syndication. I used to watch back to back episodes when I got back from work. Huge nostalgia.

  4. M*A*S*H was a terrific programme. I always enjoyed watching it. In fact, I learnt how to speak English in no small part because of it. They had world-class comedic writers who found ways to turn even the most mundane scenes into comedy classics.

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