Curiouser and curiouser

The Independent today reports that when Scotland secedes from the Union, it (no, not she) will align itself with ….. (fanfare)….wait for it, Scandinavia. (Pause while you digest that).

Now that seems to me to make eminently good sense: a clutch of little countries huddling around the Mother Hen (the oil and gas industry), giving each other moral support against the big, bad Euro-lands and the Auld Enemy. So far so guid.

But, but, N, S and DK are all independent monarchies! And Scotland can’t take ours with them, innit? It can co-opt the Princess Royal, I suppose, but can they declare her Queen? OK, why not? Then the Royal Regiment (which they also plan to filch) won’t have to change its insignia.

It will all take some getting used to. Plus ça change…….

For the intrigued…..

Author: Janus

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11 thoughts on “Curiouser and curiouser”

  1. Scotland would retain the monarchy on independence. It would simply be a return to the pre-1707 status quo in which Scotland, England, and Wales had the same monarch.
    It just seems ironic that Alex Fish Face suddenly chooses to forget about Ireland.
    I frankly doubt that Scotland would leave the union, it’s a bit too much like Quebec. There might be frequent
    rumblings and a number of vocal supporters but there seems to be a sense that they benefit too much by being part of the union.

  2. Well, Christopher, Scotland might claim membership of the British Commonwealth and ‘retain’ the monarchy that way but I can’t see any kinship with Ireland at all – other than a crowd of emigres went there to escape the Papists. The frying pan and the fire come to mind!

  3. Sorry to see you’re reading The Independent, Janus, which cannot even use the subjunctive correctly. Since the Scandinavian countries are constitutional monarchies, would it matter if Scotland turned up without a partner/monarch? I doubt that my fellow countrymen would vote for independence anyway, unless they were promised John Mackie as President!

  4. Love your comment Sheona!

    From what JM has written, I rather think that his first act as President would be to re-unite Scotland with the rest of Britain!

  5. But the oil fields are British no’ Scottish. Do they assume they will get total rights to the fields simply because the pipe comes ashore at Aberdeen? It won’t take long to lay a new length of pipe if thats the case.

    I also wonder how Jockla’ will support itself without the generous wedge of gubmint dosh or the industry from our submarine and warship manufacturing industry which of course would have to be moved sarf should the sweaties decide to go it alone.

  6. Since most Scots are of mainly Scandinavian descent, in spite of what they might say, it seems logical. Mind you, most English are also at least part Scandinavian!

    Furry I should not worry too much about the oil, it has nearly run out. However, there is an awful lot of English gas to come!

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