Where would we be without Mike Hussey?

I only managed to watch the last 30 overs, and I’ll concede that most of the others did their bit, but without Mr Cricket’s unflappability we would have been hard pressed to win the 3rd ODI against South Africa.

From what I saw of it, a great match, with good performances on both sides.

Fair result, Soutie?

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

12 thoughts on “Where would we be without Mike Hussey?”

  1. Hi Bearsy

    Writing in a mainly neuter language and commenting as a mainly neutral observer (slight preference for the Proteas thanks to uxorial SA rellies) a fair result indeed and a most enjoyable game. Well-deserved man of the match award for Shane Watson. The 49 from 46 was majestic and his bowling was pretty tidy as well.

    Looking forward to the Test Match pair of games. I agree with both Soutie and you that it is an absolute nonsense that there’s only going to be two games in an alleged ‘series’.

  2. Hi JM – it’s a shame I missed Shane Watson’s innings, but I was up early enough as it was! Whatever is this “four day” match they’re playing next?

    I thought that you had uxorial Aussie rellies too?

  3. Ha, funny enough I only managed to watch the first 70 overs or so before nodding off, we’d make a great team if we ever turned this site into a cricketing blog 🙂

    I never thought that 222 would be enough, no middle order today, we were 130 or so after 30 overs, what happened to the double your score after 30 theory?

    I thought we had a chance when Clarke went at 130/4 (25th over)

    I see that Shane Watson got MOM, I’m pleased that he’s recovered from Sunday’s injury.

    You’re right about Mr. Cricket, he took a great catch (diving forward off the boundary to get rid of Smith) and had a good steady knock.

    Kallis had another good game, nice to see the two ‘old men’ carrying a bit of form before the tests.

    So fair’s fair, well done Oz

  4. Bearsy, the 4 day match up in Potchefstroom is simply a practice game to give the Aussies a chance to get back into the longer format, haven’t yet seen the team that the Aussies will be playing but no doubt it will be a mixture of our younger players and chaps who have perhaps just missed selection to the test squad.

  5. Bearsy :

    I thought that you had uxorial Aussie rellies too?

    Aye weel, Bearsy. I do indeed but her Oz-converted brother does not do sport in any way, shape or form.

    I love him dearly (in a brother-in-law sort of way) but he is, in my opinion, not a patch, sporting-wise, on her five SA cousins and offspring who live and breathe rugby, cricket, paint-drying, whatever. You name it and they’ll watch and enjoy it. My kind of people.

    Off to bed now for a couple of hours sleep before it’s time to watch the Texas Huns stuffing the St Louis Cardinals for the World Series. One day it’ll be the Mets.

  6. Howzit JM

    And I thought that I was the only one here getting up to watch the ‘World Series’

    What a great series it is, I’ll also be recording this final game (daren’t fall asleep and miss it)

  7. Hi Soutie.

    A great series indeed. I would like the Texas Rangers to win it just because they haven’t before, if you know what I mean. That said, superb comeback from the Cardinals in the last game.

    A busy day tomorrow. ‘World Series’ (you are quite right about the ‘ ‘, of course). Then quick check on the final qualifying session of the Indian GP before I head out to play indoor bowls from 10 am to 12 noon.Dash back home to watch the annual Scottish Shinty v Irish Hurling International and then off to the Field of Dreams aka Tynecastle to see the mighty Jam Tarts humbling Kilmarnock at 3pm. Recording the India v England T20 for consumption on my triumphant return,

    Just as well that the clocks go back on Sunday morning and that I get an extra hour’s kip. I’ll need it.

  8. Well played, Bearsy. Didn’t see any of it. Mostly sleeping. Having no rellies south of Castlemilk, completely neutral on the result; only one team for me.
    I have been monitoring the Pakistan/Sri Lanka scorecard currently being played in Dubai hoping that events usurp the famous: Lillee c Willey b Dilley with a Lakmal c Akmal b Ajmal.

    Baseball! Rounders, ‘nuff said.

    Mind you, hope the Texans win.

  9. Addendum- (JM will know this one)

    21 March 2010 St Mirren 0 Rangers 1
    Thomson(1) sent off Thomson(2) for a foul on Thomson(3).

    (1) Craig Thomson- Ref
    (2) Kevin Thomson- Rangers
    (3) Steven Thomson- Diver for the other lot

  10. Good morning JM.

    You appear to have left today’s Currie Cup final off your viewing list for today!

    It’s a 17:30 kick off our time, Sharks v Lions, Ellis Park, Jhb.

    The Sharks have included their returning Springboks for the game, The Lions of course don’t have any, most neutrals here would like to see a Lions win, they’ve had a great season with using their limited resources to good effect.

    I’m of course one of the neutrals, it’s going to be a cracker.

    P.S. Tough tackie Texans as we say down here 🙂

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