Lucky tracks

Luck seems to follow me everywhere. Today in Tractor World as I was about to buy a packet of tractor Top Trump cards alarms started hooting and confetti fell from the skies. It turned out I was the 1,000,000th customer. Managers surrounded me, flash bulbs took my photo and I was told I had won a prize.
A week’s free hire of a tractor.

And not just any old tractor. It was a New Holland Boomer 4055. This purring machine is cuter than anything that’s been in Atomic Kitten.

Four cylindrical electric starter motor with a turbocharged aspiration engine: three point hitch rear lift strength of 4,335 Lbs: a wheelbase of 139 cm: the backhoe has a 2-foot flat digging depth of 288cm with a loading height of 231cm. I mean we’re talking absolute perfection here. I drove it home and was the envy of the neighbours. At a stroke their Bentleys had been displaced by the beauty of the Boomer.

With great joy I browsed a few of the tractor websites looking to swap my doubler Panini tractor stickers with like-minded collectors. I spotted a flashing box at the side of one of the pages. It said “I was the lucky 1,000,000th visitor. Congratulations you’ve won a McCulloch-Kubota D-20. Click here.”

11 thoughts on “Lucky tracks”

  1. JW – You really have to get out more and I don’t mean on a New Holland Boomer 4055.



  2. I used to love tractors when I was younger and drooled over pictures, visits to farms and visits to showrooms. As I got older my interest wained to the extent that I can’t stand the bloody things now.

    I guess that make me an ex tractor fan.

    Hat, Coat, Taxi.

  3. Bearsy, I thought you had an encyclopaedic knowledge of previous posts and comments. In the past we both agreed that blogs posted in multiple platforms was a disreputable practise. I wonder where you stand in relation to jokes being regurgitated.
    May I draw your attention to comment#1 from the Hansard archives.

    OMG, good as your joke is, you, sir, are accused of repeatery. The contemptible BBC are the masters of the repeat. You don’t want to be associated with them. A new tractor joke must be issued at once. 🙂

  4. I confess, JW, that over the past year I have lost much of my mental acuity, courtesy of my drug regime. I am indebted to you for your assiduous research, but must remind you that repeatery is not the same as posting on multiple platforms, since only The Chariot is involved, and it is singular.

    One of the nice things about Alzheimers is that you meet so many new people each day.
    Or so it is said.

    The same applies to OMG’s jokes, which are rendered always fresh to my remaining mind. 😆

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