RWC – finals weekend

Eden Park

The finals weekend is upon us.

Lots of ups and downs, The Boks were dismissed early, The Irish looked as though they could go all the way, The English, well what can one add about the English, crucified by their press for perhaps not much more than most of us have done on tour.

The Argies were magnificent and fought above their weight once again and Scotland, well what can one say, I blame the bagpipe ban!

So, onto the bronze medal match tomorrow and then the final on Sunday….

Australia 21 – Wales 22

New Zealand 29 – France 9

Theses aren’t my predictions but would you believe the actual results from the very first world cup played in 1987!

Yep, we have the exact same four teams playing for the exact same honours as 24 years ago, in the very 1st world cup (also in NZ), the only difference (besides the scores) is that both these games will be played at Eden Park this time whereas 24 years ago the bronze playoff match was played at Rotorua and only the final at Auckland!

One thought on “RWC – finals weekend”

  1. Well, the first of the two results was not repeated this time, I suspect the second one will be!

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