As you know, Boadicea and I know next to nothing about Rugby Union, but when I found that the Wales-France match was on free-to-air, live, we had to watch it.

They had their chances, didn’t they?

We both thought that Wales had got the conversion after their try, but obviously they didn’t.   Perhaps someone can explain why?   It seemed to go between the two bits of wood and over the other bit, but perhaps our eyesight’s failing.   Update after reading the sports journos – Ah! I now understand that the ball hit one of the bits of wood, so it doesn’t count.

Great shame, the crowd would have gone wild if they’d won. 😥

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

22 thoughts on “Bugger!”

  1. Yes, many neutrals were surely hoping Wales would win. I missed the live game but hope to see highlights later. The loss of the Welsh captain was surely crucial.

  2. I must admit that I expected France to win, but not like that! I guess the game on Sunday, tomorrow, is effectively the RWC final

  3. Lots of comment in the blogosphere about ‘that’ sending off. My two-pennorth; the ref was right – he can’t be anything else since, (Law 6.) ‘the referee is the sole judge of fact and the laws…’ That said, it was a mighty show by Wales, but…they didn’t score enough points. Four kicks missed, 11 points lost, and why Steven Jones did not at least attempt a drop goal in the final minutes when Wales had control of the ball through 27 phases, well…

    Given Wales’ form through the tournament, against that of the Frogs, I can’t help but think that a Wales – NZ/Oz final would have been a much better spectacle than the trashing of the Frogs that is going to be seen around the world. The third place play-off might be a game worth watching this year, too…

  4. Remembering that I know nothing about Rugby Union, the highly visible process of slinging a guy down from shoulder height onto the back of his neck looked to me exactly like the manoeuvre that has been banned from other footy codes (whoops, sorry, league and AFL) for some while. Whether the ref was right or wrong, it looked bloody irresponsible to me.

    Wales versus Oz for the play-off, I guess. Should be worth watching.

  5. Mornin’ all and here we go – the match of matches to deciide who will have the honour of administering a comprehensive beasting to the Frogs next week. It seems strange sitting down to watch a rugby match with a mug of coffee, a pile of bacon butties, toast and vegemite instead of beer and crisps.

    Anyway, of course I hope Australia will be able….BUGGER!! The All Blacks have just scored the opening try. I may have to watch the rest of this from behind the sofa, peeping through my fingers.


  6. It’s banned in RU, too, Bearsy. What’s more, refs have been specifically told to deal with any occurrences – and the players have been warned. So, no excuses.

  7. Thanks for the photos Bravo – I didn’t see the offending penalty. As a confirmed wimp, I think any action that results in someone being deliberately bounced on their head should be banned…

    I wish I had my “Guide to Rugby” here. It must have been two world cups ago that he came to visit and cheerfully explained in words of one syllable what was going on!

  8. I don’t know who’s organising this RWC, but I would think that the name of the referee in yesterday’s Wales-France game should have suggested a conflict of interests. The man is called Alain Rolland and his father is French. Surely a a neutral ref could have been found with a name like Paddy McHaggis.

  9. Agreed, Zen. Unless the Froggy wonder-team turns up, the Final should be pretty much a foregone conclusion, bu Oz -Wales should be good, both teams have something to prove 🙂

  10. bravo22c :

    Agreed, Zen. Unless the Froggy wonder-team turns up, the Final should be pretty much a foregone conclusion, bu Oz -Wales should be good, both teams have something to prove :-)

    Have to agree entirely. Also, note that the IRB referees committee have backed Alain Roland and his red card!

  11. Not Taffy Jones, Bearsy, though that might not have raised any doubts either. Perhaps Bruce Donovan-Minogue?

  12. Morning all, apologies for the absence – I shall try to use no anti-english comments!

    The ref was quite correct to issue the red card – and Bearsy you’re correct to say the spear tackle is banned from all codes of footy – Union was the last to ban it due to it being only a recent addition to the game as the Union boys have only recently learned to tackle like that having imported League defence coaches (Shaun Edwards, despite his name is an English RL player of the highest order who is the Welsh defensive coach).

    I was very glad to see the IRB back the ref, that sort of tackle has no place in the game. I was appalled at the commentators and experts in the studio not agree with it. They all stated along the lines of ‘yes, it was a dangerous tackle, but it didn’t deserve a red card, only a yellow. It ruined the spectacle of the game’.

    Utter bunkum. You can’t have it both ways, either it is a professional sport or it isn’t. You cannot give the message that tackling like that is effectively naughty but not really that naughty. The fact is, the player who lifts another player in the tackle has the responsibility to ensure he lands safely. Vincent Clerc clearly didn’t land safely and is lucky not to be injured or maimed. In fact, the offending Welsh captain admitted to letting go of him, thus proving he didn’t even try to bring Clerc to the ground safely. QED, the red card was correct.

    That said, great shame to see the welsh lose, they were by far the batter team and should have won, even the French admit that. However, they were playing a very poor French team, and didn’t take their opportunities (unlike Australia against SA last week) and so let’s not get carried away as the hysterical hyperbollic British press tends to do. NZ would have thrashed Wales anyway if they had made the final.

    Great spectacle though, that tackle aside. As for the choice of ref, I know you all jest, but he was the perfect choice as he speaks French unlike most of the others. One mustn’t question their impartiality too much, getting a good referee is not very easy! I saw no signs of any bias, in fact I think he let the Welsh scrum off on many occasions when they were struggling.

    Not as good as Sunday’s semi where Australia were damned good, but the NZ chokers were simply brilliant. Now that’s how to play rugby, and the Northern hemisphere should watch and learn. So should the spectactors – damand rugby like that and the teams will soon change.

    Go the ABs next week (oh, and the 3rd/4th playoff on Friday to be a great high scoring game of free flowing rugby with the Aussies proving they’re the No.2 side in the world)


  13. Thanks for the comment Cuprum, especially the bit about ‘the player who lifts another player in the tackle has the responsibility to ensure he lands safely’. I’m the last person to want to see all risk neutralised – but I do think there should be some boundaries.

    I have forgotten much of what my “Guide to Rugby’ said about tackles – so much of the match seemed to me to be little more than a good opportunity to have a well paid punch-up on some grass (I’m ducking while all the Rugby fans hurl insults at me!) – so I was much amused by your (typo?) comment that the Welsh were the “batter” team 🙂

  14. Aha – but was it a typo? (oops, yes it was!) 😀

    Yes, it does appear to be like that at times – I would gladly give you a definition and description of rucks and mauls, but probably best left for another forum lest the chariot falls asleep!

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