October gardening

Here I show you a late season pleasure that emerges and flowers with no love and attention from me between cutting back the dead stems in Spring and keeping down some of the weeds before it blooms. I understand it is a Toad Lily. I think it deserves a prettier name!

Other plants in my garden were here when we moved in. I have never planted marigolds but have some in flower every year for a long time over the Summer, with their bright orangey-yellow faces, and their intriguing seeds.

In flower

Unripe seed head

Seed head nearly ripe… and the seeds showing

Another plant which freely self seeds is the opium poppy. Here is a seed head that shows signs of breaking and entering. I would love to know the story! Some insect? Or maybe a Doormouse?! There are tiny spider’s web strands over the frilly top…..

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

8 thoughts on “October gardening”

  1. It is a toad lily, I have them flowering too.
    It is the only true lily that will flower in quite deep shade.

  2. Lovely photos, Nym; especially the seed heads.

    We still have a little colour and the fuchsias were looking fine until today. It’s a little windy round here!

  3. Splendid photos. Please let us know if you solve the mystery of the poppy seed head. Interesting.

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