A quick one for Val.

Just a thought Val, you mentioned the other day about a change of phone. Mrs Toc’s nephew changes his every year and always after much research. His main aim is always towards the camera element on it. The other week he showed me his latest. Very impressive it was too.

As you know, I’m an Apple fan but the weak point of the phone has always been the camera facility. So, if you are serious, have a look at this one.

The results it produces are indeed fantastic!

5 thoughts on “A quick one for Val.”

  1. I have one of those. It does work very well, but you need to download the Juice Defender app to get a decent battery life out of it. My son has got the latest HTC, the Sensation. This is a 4G phone and has two cameras, a backward facing one for (very good) photos, and a forward facing one for video calling.

  2. Inventions of the devil……………..

    Very bad day’s work when they put cameras in phones, talk about invasion of privacy, can’t quite understand why people do it to themselves.
    Same as GPS in cars.
    Can’t even fart without someone, anyone, knowing where you are and taking a picture. I think you are all quite mad.

  3. I agree 100% Christina, but there’s a big difference between the big spies in the sky, and the camera we carry. Now, if I could just capture a fart on camera, now that would be something 🙂

  4. valzone :

    INow, if I could just capture a fart on camera, now that would be something :-)

    You could if someone was standing in the right place with a lighted match! 🙂

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