Tree stumps

The following picture show the large tree exhibition outside the Natural History Museum in Oxford. They are from the rainforest and dramatically show what huge giants are being eradicated across great swathes of various countries.

This is not an entry to the photo competition, as I have already submitted, but I thought Bilby, especially would be interested to see them.

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

8 thoughts on “Tree stumps”

  1. I’m not surprised that there’s a problem with the worlds rain forests if people keep digging them up and putting them on display in western cities 😉

  2. Yes, and it takes a while to grow them, but not long to cut them down.

    Actually, I suspect that they do grow to that size faster in a rain forest, but still.

  3. It makes me sad, Nym, what we are doing to our world.
    I read today about Dugongs starving in Australia; lack of sea grass? Mostly, I try not to dwell on such things, for the sake of sanity.

  4. they were not cut down for the exhibition, Soutie, they were salvaged – as well you know! See the link.

    Yes, Bilby… I can see your point. Yes, Ara… faster, but many years still I suspect.

  5. I bet Ferret could turn one helluva ‘exceedingly desirable writing implement’ out of that.


  6. Only joshing with you, we all know that you were in France (so you say ;)) for your holiday, anyway how would you have carried them back from Brasil? Excess baggage? 🙄

  7. Think of all the CO2 they took up!
    Now think about all the CO2 humans exhale.
    We would have 750,000 less if dogooders would leave well alone, unfortunately trees wouldn’t grow in Somalia, pity.

  8. Yes, Soutie, it makes me wonder about the transportation of these amazing stumps. I think some tropical woods are denser than water, so sink… so they weren’t floated across!

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