Firefox and Youtube

If like me your latest Firefox upgrade doesn’t allow the buffering of youtube videos here’s what you do…

Clear your history, cache and cookie files, how? Like this…

Windows XP

Click on tools, on the drop down menu select ‘Clear Recent History’, a new window opens, from there follow your nose and clear the lot.

Tools drop down menu


Click on orange Firefox tab at top left, select clear history

Drop down menu

It’s been frustrating me and I thought that if I’ve had an issue perhaps others have.

11 thoughts on “Firefox and Youtube”

  1. My Firefox has a different layout than the one you have illustrated, with an orange ‘Firefox’ in the corner of the screen, and a drop down menu, one of which is options…

    and after clicking on ‘options’ a screen is bought up showing several tabs, including ‘advanced’

    and via this ‘advanced’ tab one can clear the cache.

    Mine has a lot of stuff on it and I have now cleared it.

    I haven’t tried to view any You tube recently, until last night and I couldn’t work out why it wouldn’t buffer properly.. so thank you. I’ll go and try again!

    Thanks, Pseu, I’ve added ‘your’ screen to assist others with a different OS to me

  2. I have already done it Soutie… just explaining my screen is different to your illustration, so others may have the same as mine!

  3. Good, I’m using windows XP, the screens do differ depending on the OS, clearing the history is what seems to do the trick 🙂

  4. I’m using Chrome at the moment, Soutie, but I think an awful lot of these problems can be sorted by clearing the history, cache and cookies.

    It’s always the second thing I do, after re-booting!

  5. Thanks Soutie! I have just watched a You tube clip, which I could share with you as find it rather amusing

  6. Chrome for me. Since I have a Google ID it is very easy to sync all of my mail, calendar, Googletalk chats etc. with my phone, and Android tablet. Firefox is certainly better than IE, but still lacks some of Chrome’s features.

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