26 thoughts on “Birds of a feather stick together”

  1. Oh over the East African queer jongleur?
    Oh well anyone that gets too excited about that need to lay down in a darkened room for a lifetime or two and get real and get a life.
    Beyond comprehension for anyone with an IQ over 95.

  2. I am always somewhat sad when people choose to leave the site. It does, however, have to be their choice.

    I am aware of the reasons behind their decision – and, not to put too fine a point on it, I find it rather childish – more in keeping with teen-age behaviour than that of mature adults.

    So someone (or two or three even) people do not find a dead pop-star worthy of adulation – so what? I have never, even as a teenager, thought that anyone, be they pop-star or princess, so wonderful that I wanted to to scream, yell – or even throw my knickers at! I couldn’t understand why people did it then – and I understand it even less in this instance…

    It seems that I have to continually remind people that they own their own posts and that they can remove any comment they like for whatever reason – and that is what the owner of the post should have done in this case if he disliked a comment. I would like to make it clear that the ‘offensive’ remark was directed not towards the post-owner but to the subject of the post.

    It seems that I must also remind people that all opinions are welcome here and I’m not going to be ‘blackmailed’ into silencing anyone for fear that others might leave.

  3. Come on back, guys! Never been a groupie myself – couldn’t make out the words of pop songs at all – except the Beatles hits which were well articulated IMHO.

    I reckon there might be other things more worthy of a punch-up!

  4. I was under unimaginable horror, …. forced to …WORK!!!! … finally I stole a chisel and hammer and dug my way out from the Kebab-shop/prison, it was hell on earth ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. I have to say, I agree with all that Boadicea has written. We have a wonderful site here in no small way because of the huge efforts made by the site owners to ensure that all our members can post in the format we do. Nothing has been too much trouble for them to sort out the problems caused by posting, photos, photos in comments and many other helpful hints and advice. For that I thank them.

    At the end of the day though, this is an adult forum and and we should all be allowed to express our views as we see them. As Boadicea has already mentioned, you can always delete a comment from your own thread if you donโ€™t like it. I have used that facility,many times myself.

    I have lost count of the number of people that I have fallen out with โ€˜Big Timeโ€™ since joining this site. Some of them I have known in the cyber world for many years and count them as valued friends. I wouldnโ€™t consider leaving though. Where would I go to and find such an eclectic mixture of nuts to converse with?

    Now you all have a nice day and read my jokes and have a laugh. Life is far too short for falling out on line.

    P.S. Donald, try taking a little more tonic with your kangaroo urine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Thanks for your comment, Tocino!

    I particularly agree with the sentiment:

    Where would I go to and find such an eclectic mixture of nuts to converse with?


  7. i have a very inflated sense of my importannce which I have learnt to control through the practise of Zen, and appearing to take nothing too seriously. Once in a while, usually when I’m unwell, something snaps. i have learnt that it is better to disappear completely for a while at this stage, before too much damage is done. Poor old Freddie, for once, was completely uninvolved! Thanks to all commented, I don’t give up that simply!

  8. I missed the brouhaha, whatever it was, being in transit between London and Kiev, but I hope it wasn’t, after all, too serious – I would miss you both, Zen and Val ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  9. Great to see you back Zen. I have to say, Zen doesnโ€™t work for me. I have just had an 11 day day session of an anti depressant. What it did for me was to make me more dopy than ever, hallucinate bump into walls and talk more shite than Mrs Toc has said that I would talk normally. Nothing new there then! I have come off that now, It did stop some massive panic attacks though.

    Now all we need to see is Val. No doubt, she is running about talking photos in the Raw. Bit bloody chilly at this time of year.

    Take care,


  10. Hello Mr Toc. I haven’t gone anywhere, just been very busy with the camera, and all manner of other things.
    I’ve also been looking at new lenses, a new camera even, I really need someone to keep hold of my purse.

    My son says “Mum, If you want it, have it, its only money”…………………he’s no bloody help, is he.
    Thanks for missing the raw lady ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Bravo & Chris, are you sure you have posted on the correct thread? If not, I can always delete them and allow you to post elsewhere?


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