No laughing matter

Although this did raise a smile this morning!

My daily read also has a column of South African Facebook and social network comments, showing little sympathy for the plight of the British government, here’s a sample…

“Ha! Ha! SA has issued a travel warning for the UK,” a South African commented, adding a while later: “Well, it’s a hell of a lot more dangerous over there than here, for once!”

Another suggested send SA police chief General Bheki Cele, known for his “shoot-to-kill” comments, to the UK.

Another person living in London wrote: “I want to say something and I am going to say it. It is because these children are being raised with kid gloves and without a good hiding. Viva South African parents!”

A friend replied: “I have long offered to send my mom over. She will sort out their problems in one day and those ‘snot neuse (brats)’ will be sorry.”

“SA stands ready to host the Olympics if London is too politically unstable. We have some left over stadiums and a train we don’t know how to use!,” a man said.

Referring to looters communicating with their Blackberry phones, another South African remarked: “So BBM (Blackberry messaging) was used extensively for communication between the rioters/looters.

“If you lot can afford Blackberries, sod off until you have some real problems to ‘protest’ about!”


3 thoughts on “No laughing matter”

  1. Hee hee Bearsy, I rather liked this one…

    English police enforcing the law , “Stop, or I will …..say Stop again”.

    and this

  2. “If you lot can afford Blackberries, sod off until you have some real problems to ‘protest’ about!”

    Probably nicked, I imagine!

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