Sharks v Crusaders, 27 March at Twickenham

Crusaders and Sharks, coming soon!

Members may remember my post after the Christchurch earthquake where we paid respects to those injured and those who lost their lives.  In it I mentioned that The Crusaders rugby stadium was damaged and that they were having to relocate their home games.

Well, their next home game against The Sharks (this weekend) is going to be played at Twickenham, Sunday 27 March, tickets cost £30 – £50 with £5 going to the earthquake fund. I understand that the match coincides with a Red Cross fundraising campaign which hopes to raise £ 1million over the weekend.

I’ve heard that over 30,000 tickets had have already been sold, good. Tickets are available from Ticketmaster

Get there if you can, go and see how rugby should be played 🙂

More info at Wildly South African in London and S.A. Info

5 thoughts on “Sharks v Crusaders, 27 March at Twickenham”

  1. Go Crusaders! I shall be there – it’ll be great. The red and black to win by 8!

    There’s still a lot of shock in Chch – normal life is returning but the city will never be the same. I shall be putting my cash in the bucket on the day.

  2. Good for you C426, kickoff is advertised at 17:00 our time, when do you lot adjust the clocks?

  3. Good point I forgot about that – they go forward this very Sunday – k.o. is at 1600hrs BST.

  4. A wonderful game – Super rugby at its best – 44 – 29 to the red and blacks. Knocked the spots off any premiership northern hemisphere boring dross.

    A very moving tribute at the start and some awful facial hair!
    I think the Crusaders could win the world cup, never mind the All Blacks.

    I also had no idea how many South Agricans there were over here! They outnumbered the Kiwis 10:1 it seemed. Great also to see many other NZ team shirts there too.

  5. PS Soutie – I happened to stumble across an interesting article the other day about names taht are given to poeple from different countries – I was demonstrating to a friend that there were at least 4 theories of the origin of the word Pom – I saw for the first time what a “Soutie” is. Never heard of that before! Can I assume that’s the reason for your on-line name or is it rude to ask? Apologies if so!

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