57 minutes and 5 seconds

Just to let you ‘well wishers’ know, today was the ‘Swimathon.’

I completed the 100 lengths, (2.5 km) breaststroke, and achieved it in under an hour as I had hoped. In 57 minutes and 5 seconds, in fact, which my son tells me is an average ofย  34. 25 seconds per 25 metre length.

Not too bad.

What was my prize? A medallion and a latte in Sainsbury’s. The latter from Cyclomaniac, who knows how to treat a girl.

Sponsorship should reach about ยฃ 350.

Thank you for your encouragements.

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

28 thoughts on “57 minutes and 5 seconds”

  1. Oh, jolly well done, Nym and I didn’t think for one moment you would fail, but you did work hard : brilliant and well deserved result. I am sure it was worth it, for your own sense of achievement and the sponsorship money for the charity.

  2. As someone who spends half of my working life in an effort to improve the lives of those less fortunate than me I fully understand your sense of achievement.

    Congratulations Pseu, well done!

    Days like this are not about your efforts or the couple of hundred pounds that you have raised (not that I’m decrying either your efforts or your contribution) but the awareness that we create, with luck you may well have inspired a couple of people on here to go out and do something, to contribute to their community, that to me is far more important than the short term result.

    Cheers, congrats https://i0.wp.com/planetsmilies.net/happy-smiley-541.gif

  3. Well done Psue, that is going some, 100 lengths, phew, I’ve broken out in a sweat just thinking about it, crack a bottle open, I’ve just popped a nice Tempranillo.

  4. Thats the thing about swimming OMG, no discernable sweating. All washed away as you swim.

    After I’d swum I sat on the edge for a while and got my breath back. A little disappointed actually with the time. A few years ago I did the 100 in 56 mins and several seconds, if memory serves me and two years ago I did 200 lengths in under two hours: 1 hour and 56 ish mins. MAYBE NOT ENOUGH TRAINING?

    Or I’m just getting older!

    I couldn’t complain about over crowding this time: only two of us in my lane and the other lady kept to one side so I could over take without hindrance. I did get cramp for a few lengths around 58 -60+, but swam through it, and at about 78 lengths I had a choking session with an inhaled splash from another swimmer!

    I did a couple of fast lanes just a t the end, but could have done with a few more! All good fun.

    And the latte was wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The wine this pm even better.

  5. Oh, yes you could. Swimming is primarily getting the technique right- timing and co-ordination of legs and arms: an efficient breast-stroke could keep you going for miles

  6. Could you teach me Pseu? I’m crap at swimming. I could do diving when I was a kid and 100 yards crawl, but I have regressed.
    I do have a life jacket though.

  7. Yup, I could pass on some tips, Isobel, but my only strength is the one stroke.

    A couple of years ago I attended adult swimming classes, which every sports centre has an obligation to run. I did a term of swimming in a class with only a couple of other members and became much more confident to do crawl. But I didn’t ever become so proficient at crawl as am at breast stroke, so always revert to form.

    A friend of mine has done the adult lessons this term and has only one other person in her class and it has helped enormously. I suggest you have a look at
    is on offer at your local pool.

  8. Oh Isobel: I thought I was correcting it so everyone could work out what had been wrong! Never mind.

    Did you have a good day?

  9. 2.5 kilometers in the pool?
    I’d hate to be your opponent in an arm wrestling competition.
    BTW. Please read what I added at the end of my post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Well done, Pseu, and, if that sounds a little weak as recognition of your achievement, it’s only because I can’t pass on electronically, the best praise a soldier can give, the look in the eye and a short nod of the heaad. Bloody good show.

  11. I have just tallied the monies gathered from two sponsorship forms and the on-line donations…. and I have a total of ยฃ500! Woo-hoo. A fiver per length.

  12. I have also just checked on line for the results: I came 27th in my age group, but have no idea out of how many!

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