First – choose your pictures and do the cropping, shrinking, highlighting or whatever else you need to do before you start.

It’s a good idea to put the images together in one folder so that you don’t have to bob around your hard-drive tracking them down. I store all the pictures I want to upload in a folder called, boringly, BLOGS.

Start a “New Post”

Click on  the ‘Add an Image” Icon

Fig. 1

This dialogue box will open:

Fig. 2

Click on “Select Files”

A dialogue box like this will open:

Fig. 3

Find where you have stored your pictures and highlight all those you want to put in the slide show. The beauty of storing your pictures in one place (BLOGS in my case) is that WordPress assumes that you want to download from the same folder that you did last time – and you don’t have to go haring around your hard-drive to find the ‘latest’ crop of piccies.

Click Open.

You should then get a screen like this:

Fig. 4


Until your computer has stopped ‘crunching’ and you get a screen like this:

Fig. 5

It’s at this point that I hit the  “Save all changes” button just under the last thumbnail.

… and I hit that button every time I make a change –  I’ve lost far too many edits by not doing so!

You can at this point “Insert Slideshow”. It’s actually easier to wait until you’ve finished editing the slide show. If you decide to insert the slide show now – the dialogue box will disappear and you will have to reopen it (see further down) to tackle the next stage.

Now to do something with the prospective slideshow.

Look at Fig. 5 and you will see that there are little boxes next to the words “Show”

Putting numbers in those boxes will tell WordPress what order you want your pictures to appear.

Fig. 6

Hint – after putting in the numbers “Save All Changes” !

Click on one of the words “Show”

And you will get something that looks like this:

Fig. 7

In the Caption box – type whatever you like!

Click Hide to shut that particular dialogue box and to return to Fig. 6. Work your way down each picture until you have labelled every one.

Save All Changes!

If you haven’t already done so – Click on “Insert slideshow”.

Please note that it it is only necessary to click on that button ONCE.  If you click it more frequently you will get multiple copies of the slideshow.  Hereafter it is only necessary – indeed imperative to “Save all Changes”.
However, don’t despair if you do make a mistake you can remove surplus copies by highlighting the code and deleting it.

If you have closed Fig. 6 or want to make changes to your slideshow

Go back to Fig.1 and click on the “Add an image” icon.

This time you will get a dialogue box that looks like this:

Fig. 8

As you can see this dialogue box is different from Fig.2. It has an additional tab “Gallery” – the number in brackets refers to the number of images in the Gallery.

Click on the Gallery tab – and the dialogue box shown in Fig. 6 will open.

Make your changes to the order of the pictures or the captions in exactly the same way as you first put them in.

Don’t Forget – Save All Changes!