Lex Icenorum

I would remind everyone, yet again, that everyone is entitled to express their opinions and that everyone has total control over their posts.

Some people express their opinions more forcefully than others find comfortable. Some may not be aware that others find the way they express their opinions to be uncomfortable, others revel in the fact that people find their mode of expression uncomfortable and some deliberately set out to discomfort others.

I would have thought that by now most people would be able to recognise these differences and make allowances for personality traits without being ‘instantly’ offended. However, what I find most difficult to understand is why those, who deliberately set out to be provocative, should complain when others respond in kind. “As ye sow so shall ye reap” comes to mind.

Nor do I understand why people have a problem with Authors removing comments that they don’t want on their posts – they are the rules, they have always been the rules and I’m not changing them. Scream all you like about “free speech” – my answer will be “You may have the right to speak – I have the right not to listen.

I try to run a ‘relaxed’ site. I may seem to make ‘rulings’ on the run, but they are well considered decisions, nonetheless.

I have no intention of allowing this site to deteriorate into the MyT mode of “He said this” and “I said that”.
Any further posts that I think fall into that category will be deleted immediately.

Boadicea dixit.
Fiat justitia ruat caelum.