How to – with pictures

In the Dashboard, open the Media Library page by clicking on Library in the sidebar at the left –

The Media Library Page

Find your uploaded picture and hover your mouse somewhere on the line that it’s in.   Some commands will appear next to the thumbnail.   Click on ‘Edit’ – the Edit Media page will open –

The Edit Media Page

Near to top, next to the thumbnail, WordPress tells you how big your picture is, next to the word “Dimensions”.   See?   This picture is 2,560 pixels wide and 1,920 pixels deep.   That’s too large, but never mind for now.

Down near the bottom you’ll see a line which starts with the words “File URL” and then there’s the URL itself; underneath WordPress tells you that this is the location of the uploaded file, which is what a URL is.

Using your mouse and keyboard, copy the URL.

Now go to the post where you want to add your picture and find the comment box –

In the Comment Box

Now –

  • Type a “less than” sign  <
  • Then type img then a space then src
  • Then an equals sign and a quotation mark
  • Now paste (Control V remember) the URL that you copied from the Edit Media Page.
  • Close the quote marks and type a space followed by width=”600″ another space and a forward slash.
  • Then finally, type a “greater than” sign >

Look, someone has done it for you in the picture, see if you can do it too.

Then click on “Post Comment” and your picture will magically appear with the right size and shape in a comment on the post.

All done! 😀