Spring is coming ?

Encountered these mini cyclamen (?) during this morning’s walk with the dogs.

I presume they are cyclamen, only about half inch in diameter.


Author: jazz606

An Old Dog

3 thoughts on “Spring is coming ?”

  1. Indeed they are! What a welcome sight.
    I have just had miniature iris pop forth in a sheltered south facing spot, along with the winter flowering jasmine and snowdrops which have been out for some time.
    Plus it has actually stopped raining!
    Yesterday, in brilliant but cold sunshine, I harvested the rest of my allotment, carrots, parsnips, beet, brussel sprouts and leeks, had received the edict for clearance and ploughing next week. Much better than having to turn it oneself! Plus they manure for thirty quid a year!!! Best deal out!
    The ultimate harbinger of spring is that I have sowed seeds in the greenhouse. Early mange tout are already up and going and will be off the hot mats in a few days. Meanwhile, sweet peppers, annual artichokes, eggplants and tomatoes are all in their individual cells under domes, (sounds like Guantanamo Bay!) to achieve a heat of 85 F. Quite amazing considering the greenhouse itself is only heated to an ambient 40F. It is a source of great disgust to me that most people in the USA do not use their greenhouses in winter, ridiculous, spending thousands on the structures and then growing a poxy 6 tomatoes every summer. AND they buy the starts at 3.99 each when a packet of seed cost 2.99 at most! Quite beyond me, the fiscals of that one!

    Better be off to peel and freeze the sprouts and leeks! Waste not want not when there are fags and booze to purchase.

  2. Nyahh. I know Valentine is hanging about somewhere round the corner but flowers just don’t cut it for me. They’re all the same aren’t they? As the Great Anon said ” a flower is a flower is a flower”.

  3. TR, I am reminded of a friend who said to me after I and some others in a group had been on a hot, arduous walk through the Zmabezi Valley in search of elephants. ‘Did they look any different to the last elephants you saw?’ He had a point. Mostly they are big and grey and if they are doing anything other than minding their own business from a safe distance, you don’t really want to have too much to do with them.

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