DUP Manifesto and Election Broadcast.

As it appears that the DUP is going to have some influence on our lives I thought I would post links to their manifesto and election broadcast. In the broadcast there are references to gaining influence at Westminster prescient or what ! I just hope that they realise that dining with the Tories requires a very long spoon.


Author: jazz606

An Old Dog

10 thoughts on “DUP Manifesto and Election Broadcast.”

  1. Very few British politicians relish working with Northern Irish parties. Coming from embattled region, necessity has required hard-nosed tactics and political adroitness. They’re no saints. If anything, one sees the influence that Irish — Northern and Southern — have had on US political culture including the deal-making and not always terribly enlightened pursuit of self-interest. This remorseless pragmatism might, however, be what the Tories need.

  2. No drama – no histrionics – no unreasonable promises – what a down-to-earth manifesto.

  3. But ay oop! Where’s JM when you need him? Where’s his Scottish Tory kick-boxer up to? Are her 12 seats in Westminster going to be too hot for Theresa? The delightful DT thinks so.

  4. About time, some people who may put a bit of backbone into the Conservatives.
    And have some morals left.
    Where does one sign up?

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