To Abingdon this afternoon for Mrs J to buy some material at Masons one of the  apparently decreasing number of  haberdashers and shops selling material. Anyway whilst Mrs J did her shopping I had a coffee in the Square where I took this picture .

In a quiet way Abingdon is an attractive little town like Wallingford,Thame and a few other places around here. I think the reason is that they have never been wildly prosperous and didn’t suffer a precipitous post industrial decline.


Author: jazz606

An Old Dog

10 thoughts on “Abingdon”

  1. I used to play badminton there in the ’60s – in an unusual place – the Old Gaol! It was a forbidding old stone-built pile with no mod cons (only ghostly ancient ones!) and bitterly cold whatever the weather. I imagine it has long been demolished.

  2. I hate to say this Jazz, but once ‘upon a when’ Abingdon, Wallingford and Thame were wildly prosperous, but that’s going a long, long way back.

    But, I know what you mean. Last year, I visited a friend living in Market Harborough. At some point, I stopped and said that it was really great to know that some places were still quintessentially English.

    My commiserations to Mrs J – I remember when there were loads of haberdashery shops (I suspect many people don’t even know what a haberdashery shop is) and many places where one could buy fabric, I used to go to John Lewis in Oxford Street which had the most fantastic range, but there were many local outlets. Alas! No longer. It’s not that much better here either.

  3. Just read ‘The Abongdon Story’ via Google. Old Father Thames brought the barge biz, so Abingdon was a mecca for multiple trades and producers. Interesting.

  4. No town could have built a market/town hall like in the picture without having been wealthy!
    Plenty of money in wool and cloth in the past. What do you think paid for all the buildings from medieval times up to the industrial revolution?
    And right on the Thames for shipping!

  5. no it is still there and is accommodation now. I can’t comment on the old gaol but i live at Twickenham Cottage – which is an icebox. coldest place I have ever lived. Moving in November thank God

  6. That square has so much potential and yet it has to look like that – and worse at night. Imagine if this were Italy …. do you think it would look like that?

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