I have in the past railed against twitter, however since Donald became president I have opened a twitter account and am having great fun following the 45th President of the USA@realDonaldTrump .

Trump of course also has a Facebook account and is using social media brilliantly and it’s becoming clear that most of his critics have completely underestimated him.


Author: jazz606

An Old Dog

13 thoughts on “Twitter”

  1. Yes, he says he’s a good spotter of fake news. If there isn’t any he makes up his own, like terrorism in Sweden. His fans of course now think there was an incident in Sweden. It seems dangerous to me, liberal elite stickler for rules that I am said to be.

    His critics (who of course he slanders as all of the above and more) doubt whether he is a suitable man for the job, morally or behaviourally – ******** enthusiast or not.

  2. As far as the Sweden thing is concerned even if Trump was wrong in the particular he was dead right in general. Sweden is becoming a mess. The Swedes had a beautiful and peaceful country and then they admitted these 6th century third world maniacs in the naive assumption that they would be calmed by liberal democracy. We’ve done something similar here. How are things in Denmark ?

  3. That’s fine, Jazz. Just expressing my opinion of your hero.

    Now, Sweden. When did you last go there? What are your sources?

    Britain has not ‘admitted these 6th century third world maniacs in the naive assumption that they would be calmed by liberal democracy’! Britain has along history of immigration from cultures represented in the Empire and then the Commonwealth. Some arrived carrying British passports.The vast majority were and are hard-working citizens whose families have been in GB for generations. But you must be referring to others. Who knows, since you don’t specify them.

    Denmark? What would you like to know? I can tell you it is just as great as GB, my wife’s homeland and a country similarly proud of its political and cultural traditions. has DK ‘admitted these 6th century third world maniacs in the naive assumption that they would be calmed by liberal democracy’? No.

  4. Well I hate to admit it but it seems Trump was right about Sweden. See the article in the Spectator. Evidently there have been ongoing restive raghead carry ons on a nightly basis. A good one last night, 8 cars burnt out in some wog suburb.
    What a pack of bloody fools the Europeans are, how to destroy your country and ensure a civil war within 20 years!

    As for twitter, would someone please turn off the electricity? That should sort it.

  5. A few unruly yobs !!!?? If only.

    BTW Janus Trump is not my hero, I don’t have any of those.
    But I do think that Trump is a lot smarter than many people (including you apparently) give him credit for.

  6. Actually I think he was referring to an article on fox News about immigrant unrest, not a terrorist happening. But last night was real, seen the pictures of the burnt out cars and I doubt the Swedish police set fire to them themselves!
    I do not like the man, he exaggerates wildly, but on this occasion so have the press. If you read the article I cited it is obviously an ongoing problem in Sweden that has really been kept under wraps.

  7. Janus I don’t actually do any ( well barely ) twittering myself I just look at it.

    “..Trump smart but not intelligent…” Mmmm ?? that’s a distinction to be wary of.

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