9 thoughts on “John Redwood’s Diary”

  1. Quite so. Any improvements in the economy, such as the Footsie index are usually hailed with the rider, “despite Bexit”, likewise any other improvement the nay-sayers promulgated.


  2. The truth is that none of the pundits know what Brexit will bring. As usual they create more heat than light. Talking of which, I see Trump’s inner circle can’t find the light switches in the WH. No surprise there.

  3. John Redwood is a funny little cove, the South bank of the Thames in Henley is in his constituency or was in those days, he used to turn up regularly at one of the pubs there. Fred’s, as it was popularly called, had the most eclectic clientele known to mankind. From Lord Baring, of the bank fame, who used to sneak out with his Spanish butler and meet with his gamekeeper for libations, to various titles, somethings in the city, Thames watermen a la Doggets Coat and Badge fame, agricultural workers and assorted ne’er do wells. Plus me!
    It was vastly amusing because Redwood didn’t know who was who and I defy anyone to tell who did and who did not have a title etc, they all turned up in rags unless they were on the way to a bash and then done up like dog’s dinners, they were on the way to Phyllis court Country Club and the main road up to town. It was entertaining to see a politician, quite so discommoded! Nobody ever helped him out so he was exquisitely polite to everyone, quite Byzantine.. One of the few pubs that took all the kids and dogs, we left them in the lounge to fight it out and all drank in the bar. Fred would inform us if the riots got too bad, One of the best wet houses ever.

    Now its a bloody gastropub!

  4. Janus – On the other hand, we all know what being in the EU has brought. That is why the majority voted to leave. ‘Nuff said. Democracy rules, unless you are liberal and democratic but don’t agree with the result. And don’t even get me started on John Bercow’s unparliamentary intervention in The Commons this afternoon.

    As an aside, I trust you will join with me in congratulating HM The Queen on her Sapphire Jubilee today. Any derogatory comments about living so long or a celebratory post about Hillary will be greeted with a snarl.


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