4 thoughts on “Mark Steyn Makes The PC Joke Police Sound Like Tyrannical Ideologues”

  1. MS is of course quite right.
    I have lived here 14 years now this time round but, as you all know I visit Wales regularly. I note the reluctance with which people in public spaces dodge round sticky PC subjects. That is until someone like myself kicks open the gates and then hear it all get voiced, most stridently. People have become cowed from expressing themselves freely.
    I know of two schools that make a deliberate effort to inculcate white children with woggery, visits to mosques, celebrating muslim holidays etc etc. These schools are in Swansea and Llandovery respectively and are all white as are the neighbourhoods in which they live. One girl I know refused point blank to let her children go on such trips, boy did she catch it from the headmistress. She had the gumption to stand at the school gates, and rabble rouse other parents, who, when they realised someone was spearheading a movement against such, all joined in and refused to let their children attend. The trip was cancelled! She is about as popular as a pork chop in a synagogue! Fortunately her back is broad!

    In the 14 years I have been away it has become so noticeable, when one only has snapshots to compare, not a continuum.

    The PC Pacific NW is a hopeless case, however there is more hope in the south of the USA where people are notoriously politically incorrect. Here it is strictly behind closed doors with other consenting adult ‘fascist’ friends.

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