15 thoughts on “The Truth About Trump’s Muslim Ban”

  1. Well that clip has it about spot on.
    What is rather amusing is that not one person complained when Obama did the same thing back in the day!
    It is somewhat karmic that the latest terrorist attack should be on a mosque in Canada. The oleaginous Trudeau mouthing minatory platitudes against Trump and whamo! One bunch of ragheads shoots up another bunch in a mosque! Talk your way out of that one Canada! If it wasn’t so sick it would be funny.

    Any group that can argue for nearly 1200 bloody years about who inherited what in a religion and systematically kill each other other over it is not needed in any way shape or form in any half way civilised country. They should all be sent home to kill each other until even they have had enough of it.

    it is to be noted that even the Christians in the Reformation only had the strength to carry on beheading and roasting each other for two hundred years or so. God preserve us from bloody religions!

  2. Trump is also going to have to keep an eye on muslims already in the US. The perpetrators of 7/7 were all living in the UK. Stopping them entering your country is one thing, but you also need to have a spring-clean of what is already there.

    I do wish all the vurtue signallers would stop. All the hot air and placard waving messes up one’s hair.

  3. I gather the Canadians have initially named the wrong suspect. Now not the Moroccan, but a Quebecois frog!
    I do wish they would make up their minds!.

  4. The problem wasn’t so much Trump’s ban, it’s the way it was implemented. Even if fewer than 1pc of passengers were actually affected by it it still created quite a scene. Naturally, the virtue-signalling PC Mafia will exploit this for everything it’s worth. But, it’s utterly beastly to tell people who’ve spent 14 hours in a flying tin-can that they’ve been denied entry despite having gone through the gruesome procedure of obtaining a US visa because the rules changed halfway through their flight.

  5. Nor does it apply to Australia – for all the papers are full of a dual Oz-Iranian kid being unable to go on his school trip.

    It was extremely badly implemented

  6. What gets me is the sheer hysteria over what is a fairly modest action.

    So it causes inconvenience to a small number of people, well that’s just tough, life’s like that sometimes.
    Far more folk have been more inconvenienced by the Southern Rail strike than by anything that Trump has done.

  7. Jazz, It’s great to know there are some sensible people in the UK – but I do wish that they had bothered to get their spelling right. Nonetheless I signed.

    I am a little concerned, since all the site asked was whether I was a UK citizen, which of course I still am. How can the site distinguish between me and Mustafa Whatisname or Jacques de Paris who clicks that button but is not a citizen. Time, perhaps to ask for passport numbers?

  8. Boadicea, There is a verification problem with these ‘referendum’ sites. I think we can take it that the anti Trump vote is well and truly cooked……and ours too in a more limited way.

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