5 thoughts on “Heroic Vote Leavers”

  1. Nothing worse than bad losers!

    I shall never understand why the term racist is supposed to be an insult considering every person of earth probably qualifies as one. As the products of ten million years of development it is fairly natural that the first 8 million years should influence us quite heavily still.

    One suspects that the remainers would like weekly referendums until they get their desired result. It is so unfortunate for them that the gimmigrant ragheads of the continent appear to be quite so unobliging as to want to kill as many as possible of us!

    Prediction for 2017. The word ‘populist’ will gain further odium and join ‘racist’ as a suitable derisory epithet to hurl at the Brexi type uneducated peasants amongst us! The supercilious curl of the lip in derision will, of course, be mandatory in its utterance!!

    Happy Christmas and a pox upon all their houses.

  2. Luckily, not all B-leavers are demographically challenged! It’s just that the loony liberals presume to represent all those who are not. The myopic leftish meeja seem incapable of glancing across the English Channel and seeing that the whole EU idea is unravelling by the day. Banks collapsing, border controls reappearing, whole countries unable to cope with the Euro, the migrant surge and the sheer weight of bureaucracy.
    Have a good new year, Jazz, and thanks for the article.

  3. Thanks Jazz – good article…

    I’ve had a problem finding a Remainer. I’ve spent two months in the UK this year and talked (as I do) to all sorts of people – on buses, trains, in airports and elsewhere and all of them have stood slightly straighter and said “I voted to Leave”.

  4. It appears that quite a few people who voted to remain are now of the opinion that it would be better to leave, and as soon as possible. So, “Maggie” (if only) May, please extract your digit and get on with it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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