7 thoughts on “Comments.”

  1. I am not so sure. I am made to feeling increasingly detached or even, dare I say illiterate, because I do not have an account with My Book of Face or with other available social media outlets. Back in the day my school provided daily copies of The Times, The Guardian and the DT on stands outside the library. All pupils were encouraged quietly to read the editorials of all those newspapers a) to be informed and b) to learn how English is written. It served me well, I think.

    Nowadays newspapers, the BBC and Sky News (other media outlets are available here too) immediately ask, “tell us what you think” on any item and then rebroadcast the inanities, FFS! When I want news I want an educated, informed, balanced piece of The Queen’s English from which I can form my own opinion. I do not need the illiterate efforts of some anonymous troll, fruitcake, snowflake or Mumsnet headbanger hitting the keyboard like a demented gibbon to tell me that only their opinion matters.

    A ‘cri de coeur’ to Boadicea. Please could you persuade Bearsy to install a ‘harrumph’ button alongside the ‘like’?


  2. I own to reading the comments – while there are indeed a number of ‘anonymous trolls, fruitcakes, snowflakes and Mumsnet headbangers’ – there are some pretty well-informed and humourous comments out there.
    Bearsy would love to create a harrumph button – but wordpress does not allow such features!

  3. I guess journalists don’t like having their opinions challenged or being made to look stupid, a bit like politicians really.

    RIP the Daily Telegraph the Barclay bros have finally managed to kill it. It is only a matter of time before it goes the same way as the Indepenent.

  4. Well looking about at mass media in general it is probably the wisest thing to be detached!
    i swear that human development is in a retrograde phase. The inanity and stupidity of most of the young deserve immolation at the earliest opportunity.
    One is reminded of lemmings and cliffs. May they be extremely high cliffs!

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