My Bit for BREXIT

This morning I did my little bit for the cause. Mrs J dropped me and paraphernalia off while she went shopping. It was an interesting morning. Most of the BREXIT people were of the older generation and of all classes and I was surprised, although maybe I shouldn’t have been at how articulate and outspoken they were (Christina would have been right at home).

The few remainers  were without exception pretty dim, their arguments were none existent or facile e.g. “You don’t leave a club of which you’ve been a member for 40 years”,  “Have you ever heard of a boxer winning a fight outside the ring”  “You’re crazy” “We’re stronger in Europe” etc etc. Not a single cogent argument.

Most of the youngsters walked by with eyes down….pathetic….maybe they don’t deserve a future.


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Author: jazz606

An Old Dog

7 thoughts on “My Bit for BREXIT”

  1. I note on my sojourn to Wales that most people have become cowed over saying anything in public. it gets worse every time I go home. Now and then they break out when it is consenting adults only so to speak.
    I personally make a point of saying exactly what I think on every occasion, everywhere as a total matter of principle.
    Anyone who wishes to prosecute me may do so and woe betide them if they put me in their jail!
    Frankly I think it is cowardice not to say it how you think it! If people had complained vociferously from the beginning the country would not be in the state it is now, wall to wall wogs,

  2. Well done, Jazz. It is obvious that older people remember that we survived for years without being members of the EU and will have been aware of the disaster it has gradually become.

  3. I believe that, by some quirk of fate, Midsomer Murders is Mutti Merkel’s favourite TV programme. Ironic or what? 🙂

  4. Great to see that you are putting your efforts where your beliefs are.

    I find the comments you are getting extremely depressing. Maybe the youngsters and the apathetic do not deserve a future,

    Still – good luck!

  5. I think the problem with “youngsters” is that they have no idea of life outside the EU in what we might call the good old days. I travelled abroad as a student and worked in France and Germany in the long vac and there was no problem about visas or work permits. So when the Leave campaigners come out with their “Project Fear”, young people are susceptible. In fact, as anyone with half a brain cell would realise, no one has any idea what will happen if we brexit since it’s the first attempt to escape the EU morass. I am convinced that the eurozone and the EU will both collapse sooner or later and I’d rather be out before that happens.

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