No turkey for me this Christmas

I’ve never been a big fan of the traditional Christmas dinner; whilst not actually disliking it I can think of  things, other than turkey and xmas pudding’ that I’d rather eat.

But, I’ve always been a martyr to the wishes of others. Not this year though.

I’ve recently undergone  nasal lifts  prior to getting a couple of tooth implants. There are a few videos of this procedure on YouTube, they are a bit gruesome and I’m glad I didn’t see them beforehand.

Yesterday  I had the stitches taken out. “Bad news for you”said the dentist, I braced myself, “No Christmas dinner, soft foods only, until your gums are completely healed ( about  ten days).

So that’s it then.Boeuf  Bourguignon for me and turkey for Mrs J. Every cloud…….

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13 thoughts on “No turkey for me this Christmas”

  1. Gruesome is the word. I probably should have the same treatment, though my dentist has advised me against it. He says it’s not necessary. I tend to trust a professional who advises against treatment that would otherwise make him money. I have absolutely no problem with dentists and their trade as long as what they do is necessary and done properly. Which is not the case in the US. While I was living there in the 90s, I was definitely seen as an income stream by a dental practice that did a tremendous amount of damage to my teeth, which until then had been in pretty good condition. Those guys definitely had targets to achieve.

    As an aside I have always found it odd that so many people are afraid of going to the dentist. When we were kids, our mum was too tight to let us have a local anaesthetic. Drilling the nerve was not fun, but it was not that bad. These days, of course, dentists wont allow you to decline anaesthetics.

  2. I do agree. And nothing worse than dental OR procedures. I really like soup. Lobster, French onion, gulasch, bouillabaisse, to name but a few! 🍜🍲🍵

  3. It often pays to get a second opinion on such matters.
    I’m rather surprised that this was done by a dentist tho’ jazz. Generally it is done by a dental surgeon. I suppose they might be a bit thin on the ground in the UK outside hospitals?
    Sipu , were the treatments you were advised to have in Dallas? I found Dallas to be particularly disreputable in this department. One cretin tried to convince me that I had glaucoma until I made it quite obvious that I was going to get a second opinion, all of a sudden instant surgery wasn’t quite so necessitous!
    14 years later I still don’t have glaucoma!! I think they hear our accents and think we were born coming over on the first banana boat!
    I have never had any such treatment in the pacific NW, a far more ethical area all round.
    Mind you I have encountered it in Brum with the boy. Caveat emptor!

    As a matter of curiosity I had an implant with bone filling last year, cost me 3000 dollars, so roughly 2000 sterling. What did you get charged, or quoted per tooth? I am always interested in comparisons of prices across the pond.

    We are out this year for both Christmas dinner and Boxing Day. And no turkey! I don’t mind either way but spousal unit will need his turkey fix, I have a small one, 16lbs, lurking in the freezer to alleviate the new year.
    In this household that qualifies as a small turkey, only enough for a few sandwiches and a few slices hurled to the dogs so it is rumoured!

    A further bit of info on teeth. A lot of mine were getting loose and rocky a couple of years ago. This dental surgeon said it was because I built so much tartar under the gum line. Conventional cleaning just didn’t get to it. He has a technician on staff that specialises in deep cleaning so to speak, they scrape out at the side of the teeth way down by hand. I had it done every 3 months for the first year, now every 4 months. It has made a remarkable difference to my mouth. All the teeth have reseated themselves firmly and I no longer have any gum disease or receding gums. It costs $500 per year but puts off bills of thousands plus a very different comfort level in my mouth. May be of use to you but I was never offered such by any conventional dentist I ever came across.

  4. Christina, I think all dentists are in fact dental surgeons BDS stands for Batchelor of Dental Surgery and just about all of them in the UK are BDSs.
    However the dentist who is doing my implants specialises in that sort of thing,
    I was referred at my own request by my regular dentist.. By the time I’m finished 6 implants plus one root canal + crown it will have cost £25+ K – the same as a new car. Which would I rather have ? In my book it’s a no brainer.
    The problem has been caused by a certain amount of neglect ( I could never get on with dental floss, now there are small interdental brushes [Te Pe] but too late) and some indifferent surgery in the past.
    Coincidentally a nephew in NZ has had root canal treatment and it cost him $NZ2000, I’ve had the same here privately and it cost nothing like that.
    The scraping treatment that you describe is done here by dental hygenists and costs about £80 a session.
    I wonder if the existence of the NHS in the UK has a calming effect on the financial aspirations in the private sector. Let’s hope the socialist morons don’t wreck it.

  5. janus, why only bantams for sale? Get them up to 25lb here easily as in the UK.

    jazz, you have it the wrong way round. That work would be half the price here! 7 teeth at roughly 2000 sterling each = 14,000! Bugger, be cheaper to come to America!
    The scraping I speak of is way more than the usual job by a dental hygienist, but the same price. Takes a full hour and you get 25 bucks off if you pay on the barrel head.
    Interesting to know current prices. thanks.

  6. Hi CO, it was in Atlanta, that I suffered at the hands of the American medical system. Re teeth cleaning, my sister in law is actually a very experienced dental hygienist. She used to practise in Harley Street, but recently moved back here with my brother where they both prefer to live. I should go and see her for a good clean, especially as she has promised not to charge.

    South Africa offers a very cost effective solution to major dental surgery. Many Europeans come to Cape Town for a bit of health tourism. I know one chap who had all his teeth implants done there, a few years ago. With the SA Rand being as weak as it is, the country is fabulously cheap and the standards are still excellent provided one goes private.

    My own dentist here is a Serbian and seems pretty well qualified. I trust him more than most that I have visited.

    This country attracted a lot of Serbs for various reasons, over the years. They are good solid people, and I suspect, much maligned by others in the West.

  7. Christina, if I hadn’t had the nasel lift the price of the basic implants would have been less.
    There is another factor, the healing that should be allowed after each stage of the process. For instance I have to wait a few weeks after extraction for the socket to heal and then a further ten weeks after the titanium implant has been inserted before attaching the crown to allow the bone to fuse. My brother in law in Glasgow underwent the same procedure with a similar schedule. The success rate for this is about 98%+. The success rate for doing it all in one hit, which is what you see advertised a lot is considerably less , around 70%. Having done the research I decided to have it done locally by someone whose track record is well known.
    I’m sure there are excellent dentists all over the world, but it’s not easy to check up on them and you can spend a lot of time and money on airfares and hotels, and if it goes wrong ?

  8. sipu I rather thought the Serbs were in hot water with other Europeans over the muslims. I gather they killed as many as possible, not exactly the way to endear themselves to the bleeding heart mob. Personally I’d give them a medal!

  9. jazz you are right about the timing, took me about six months, so it would necessitate repeat visits which would soon bring the price up to what you have paid over there.
    never can win can you?

  10. Seein as its Krimble 😫 can we move on from teeth?

    In my 20s and 40s I had a series abcesstes which led to root canal treatments. Torture.

    Read any good books lately? 😎

  11. CO: the Serbs, after decades of slaughter, molestation, rape and pillaging by the practitioners of the Religion of Peace finally lost their temper and gave the lot a good what-for. I suspect that the bleeding-hearts will soon get their comeuppance as patience is similarly snapping elsewhere across Europe.

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