17 thoughts on “What’s going on here ?”

  1. I am soaking a file in vinegar to sharpen it. You can use hydrochloric or sulphuric acid, but I don’t have any. Soaking in vinegar takes a day or so as opposed to a few hours with acid.
    I discovered how to do this courtesy of you tube. There’s quite a lot of stuff about files and rasps which I found quite interesting.
    The file in the picture comes out this afternoon. Will post how things work out.

  2. Jazz: Good luck, if I had used a nice water jug like that to soak (dirty old) tools in I would have been crucified before sunset.

    I usually give files a swift scrub with a wire brush across the file after use, but mine are used almost exclusively with metals, let us know if the vinegar treatment works.

  3. I don’t use files that often but I have a brass wire brush for cleaning them. This was just an experiment on an old file and actually it is sharper so won’t go into the bin for a while.
    Apparently files should only be used in one direction otherwise they get blunt. It is said that if you dress them with candle wax, they work better and it’s easier to clean them.

    BTW The nice glass jug has been cleaned and is back in its shelf in the kitchen.

  4. “There’s quite a lot of stuff [on YouTube} about files and rasps which I found quite interesting”.

    Jazz, old chap, you really need to get out more! 😀

    Having said that, I was recently given a bunch of similar files, rasps, etc. by a friend who was returning permanently to Blighty. I’ll give it a try with acid normally used to reduce PH levels in the swimming pool, remembering to use a glass jug or something ceramic rather than a tin.


  5. O Zangado “There’s quite a lot of stuff [on YouTube} about files and rasps which I found quite interesting”.
    Jazz, old chap, you really need to get out more!

    Not just files and rasps but all kinds of interesting things. Watching YouTube videos on practical subjects is, I find, quite therapeutic and can’t be worse than watching East Enders, Coronation St, BBC Question Time or the 6 O’clock news.
    Quite often, as with the file, I try out the stuff out in the workshop myself. Below is an example. One of my favourite YouTube ‘gurus’ is Paul Sellers who is a joinery instructor who posts all kinds of good stuff. One of his posts was on how to make a frame saw:

    Frame Saw

    …So I made one and it works quite well, although the blade, which was made in China, had been set only on one side, necessitating the purchase of a saw tooth setter ( the blue thing in the foreground). So I got to set the saw as well.

    It’s all about doing new stuff !

  6. Heh heh! Jazz,please tell me this is a spoof.

    If not, better instead to shoot the guy faux-redneck who rinses his mushrooms and stews little bits of vacuum packed tenderloin in a yee-haw pot and have done with it. That would show respect both for humanity and particularly for the animal, the rest of which probably became dog food.

    I refer m’learned colleague to a couple of earlier posts of mine

    Roast boar


    Sleepy Sunday

    I haven’t changed.


  7. Try wiping them gently with a piece of damp kitchen towel instead. Likewise with chicken. Never, ever wash a raw chicken.


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