Necessity, the mother of invention….?


In order to clarify matters I’ve replaced the original picture with this one which is more self explanatory. The dog is called Meg, she is not allowed to be there when sawing is in progress.

Author: jazz606

An Old Dog

12 thoughts on “Necessity, the mother of invention….?”

  1. Hello Jazz: Doesn’t the saw kick a little when the blade hits the rungs?

    Janus: During my last trip to London I took the obligatory Thames boat ride, as we passed the Tate the narrator said “On your right was once a power station, now it is The Tate Modern Art Gallery, entrance is free but still overpriced “

  2. Low Wattage, I assume you’re joking. But in case you’re not ……………The saw gets nowhere near the rungs. The board rests on battens laid across the ladder and the depth of cut is adjusted accordingly.

  3. Thanks Jazz I was joking @ #3, is that oak you are ripping? Here planking is often done using White Cedar, it is straight grain, light weight and it is reasonably rot proof, if epoxied.

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