3 thoughts on “Some more sunset pictures”

  1. I rather suspect that the greyish horizon is just that, pollution over Oxford!
    Apart from that a rather splendid photo!

    Christopher, some of the worst pollution I have ever seen was over Salt Lake city. It lays in a high inter montane basin that holds the pollution like a pudding basin. Coming over the mountain pass from above it has the appearance of a bowl of Brown Windsor soup! It always made me laugh that God was somewhat ineffective in stifling the Mormons, but at least he was trying! Now there is another rat hole, either a bank or church on every intersection! Sometimes both. To be avoided like the plague!

  2. CO: I once had to connect in Salt Lake City. Even though I never left the airport a feeling of dread overwhelmed me. I couldn’t wait to leave. As much as people there might pretend otherwise, SLC has Los Angeles-type crime and horrible gang problems. Give it a few more decades.

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