Three way valve …again

Steve the plumber has just given our old Potterton Boiler her annual service and the good news is that the old girl is fit for another twelve months: plenty of spares available so no need to think about installing the dreaded condensing boiler just yet.

He was interested to hear how I fitted the new three way valve. apparently I am the only person that he’s ever heard of to undertake this task without turning the water off and draining down the system. I told him about my softwood plug theory but he appeared unimpressed.

Author: jazz606

An Old Dog

5 thoughts on “Three way valve …again”

  1. There’s probably a million EU / health and safety rules insisting on draining the lot, not to mention the requirement to wear a full wetsuit, goggles and flippers (aqualung optional)

  2. We just had a hideous bill for refitting our furnace, $800.!!!! Aargh! I have to say the bill was fair as he was here three days with various expensive parts.
    I suppose cheaper than a new one, we had to refit a boiler in the town house when we bought it, cost $3000.
    damned sight cheaper than the UK I’ll be bound.

  3. Condensing boilers seem to cost around £1000 for a standard 4 bedroom house plus fitting.
    However ‘Steve says’ that they only last about ten years, which may or may not be trouble free. After that you probably need a new one so what is saved in fuel is eaten up. However the govt like them because it adds to their carbon credit thing whilst generating lots of VAT and tax on replacement boilers.
    Our current boiler is 25 years old about 75% efficient and still going strong (fingers crossed)

  4. I suspect that these new boilers come in various qualities because I paid a sight more for one in the house in Pembs. But no mention of them having such a short life. Are they made in china or something?
    A couple of years ago we had to buy a new pump for our well. Evidently the chink ones under $800 last about 18 months if you are lucky whereas the only model still made in the USA was about $3000 fitted with a cast iron guarantee for a decade!
    Needless to say no chink crap passes my threshold. I really cannot be doing with things that break down at the most inopportune moment.

    On a similar vein, I have just had a blouse give up the ghost, finally put my elbows through the sleeves. Bit of an old friend, so I was sad to say goodbye. Worked out how long I had owned it and worn it regularly, 48 bloody years!!!!!!
    I bought it in Nottingham at one of the very first outlet stores on the way home from a field course in Pitlochry.
    I had stopped off in Nottingham to visit my brother who lectured at the Uni at that time.
    I regularly wear clothes and shoes 30 years old, the secret being not buying rubbish or high fashion in the first place! Quite hysterical really that the yanks think I’m a very smart dresser, if only they knew the truth of half of it! My best is an exquisite pair of grey kid gloves, bought by my aunt in 1949 at the first Paris shows after the war, along with a grosgrain silk clutch if the same age. Both have regular outings as a matter of principle and are perfect still.

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