Problem solved.

Recently all three upstairs cold taps started to run slowly  ( Yes, yes,  I know, it’s the water that ran slowly and not the tap ).  The  flow gradually declined to a trickle ; something had to be done. The problem was unlikely to be with the taps, they were all of different types, and since the two downstairs cold taps were  working normally I decided that the problem lay with the plumbing.

The prospect of lifting carpets and floors and cutting into walls in search of the blockage  was not a happy one. And the expense !? Plumbers aren’t cheap, and although adept at basic plumbing myself this wasn’t something I felt competent to deal with.

Then inspiration. I took the pressure washer into the attic where lies the cold water tank and directed the jet down the outlet which feeds the upstairs cold taps. I had previously established two way communication with Mrs J via the intercom function on our cordless phones. She opened one tap at a time and I gave each a good 20 second blast of high pressure water. Problem solved. I bet the plumber wouldn’t have done that.

Author: jazz606

An Old Dog

4 thoughts on “Problem solved.”

  1. ‘Oh dear, sir. You’ve got a serious one ‘ere, aintchya? I’ll quote yer for 3 days work and all parts extra. Can you stay somewhere else while I do the job?’

  2. Well then, what came out?

    Nothing that I could see. So it was either an airlock or scale that had built up that became ‘atomised’ when i applied the pressure washer.

  3. Curious, sometimes one can have some pretty unimaginable things come out especially from wells!
    Must have been an airlock.
    Home plumbing can really be strange especially in old places. I had one place that had new central heating added by by myself by a well known and reputable well qualified plumber. Afterwards half the system went on strike once a week and had to be bled. We never got to the bottom of it , he tried most diligently and never sent me bills for the work. But I always knew when it was about to happen, the bathroom radiator would go on the blink and it wasn’t on the end of the system, seriously weird.
    I left instructions in a kitchen draw for years about what to do whilst I was away with several bleed keys! One presumes tenants worked it out!!
    You really don’t want to know what came out of the taps after flooding by the Towy at one place, the well was surrounded by 200 Charolais! Fortunately I only drink liquid that has been fermented!!!

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