Recently I ordered a small electronic device from Amazon. It was delivered expeditiously along with two annoyances which always attend such purchases:

(1) Excessive packaging, I calculated that the packaging is 45 times the volume of the device.

(2) A user manual 7 times larger than necessary because it’s in seven languages. The English version makes only limited sense, I don’t know how the Dutch, Germans, Finns….etc fare. My theory is that something has been lost in translation from the original Esperanto.

Author: jazz606

An Old Dog

3 thoughts on “Annoyances”

  1. Jazz – ditto – a watch came with a box so large I thought I’d ordered the wrong item. I suspect it’s something to do with smaller packages getting easily lost.

  2. At least your manual had an English section, jazz. The last item we ordered came with a thick booklet in lots of eastern European languages.

  3. No.1 Rule of Modern Life – Never buy anything the instruction manual for which is bigger than the gadget itself.


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