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Roll call

April 27, 2015 34 comments

Look, every year about this time it’s almost Mayday which seems an appropriate occasion for checking who’s aboard and who’s over-board – if you get my drift….

So kindly signify below if you’ve joined the sinking rats or otherwise.

Your devoted mate, Petty Officer Janus


April 17, 2015 12 comments

Another crude usage from Labour:

‘Debate me!’ quoth he, addressing the people’s favourite, Cameron, who’d refused to join in a tv head2head…,,,

What is he on?

It’s so gratifying

April 7, 2015 11 comments

The perennial mouth, warmonger Bliar seems hell-bent on digging an even deeper hole by alienating Labour voters and willynilly boosting the Tory vote!

Wallace aka Ed Milibrain hates him, and the rest of the policrowd ignore him.



Royal Caught?

March 31, 2015 21 comments

I know my reader has missed the Court bulletins here of late – owing to the meeja’s focus on Windsor babies, who still enjoy a clean sheet, if you see what I mean.

But true to form the PoW has blotted his copybook. Having waxed lyrical on green energy and saving (amongst other things) the planet, he smartly used a chopper to travel 80 miles from his estate to a vital appointment at…..Ascot!

(Backside’s breath is bated, pending publication of the PoW’s letters to Ministers. Rich pickings indeed!)

Another place

March 29, 2015 9 comments

That’s where everyone else must be – for two days now. Meanwhile the chariot rusts away, awaiting the invention of the bike. 😣

The path downhill

March 25, 2015 28 comments

Celebrity is now a goal sans frontieres. No matter the means, the end is all that matters. Whether it be an ugly face, an ugly physique, an ugly character or an ugly mouth, it will bring popular appeal and the meeja’s unstinting support.

Witness J Clarkson. Racism, dishonesty, violence, bullying. And celebrity.




Last time

March 19, 2015 19 comments

Tomorrow, mid-morning, it will become dark, even quieter than normal in the woods (no birdsong) and quite chilly.

I recall that in August 1999 I was in the Potteries when the same thing happened. People became edgy and went outside to watch the event.

Who else will witness this, chariotwise,  I wonder?


March 17, 2015 7 comments

…..if you are still taking a peek at us now and them, please come back and give us an update on SA cricket and rugby and sort out the techo stuff. The S hemisphere needs you to speak for it!

Any road oop! I trust there is nothing amiss down there. Seeyer!


Dead parts

March 10, 2015 16 comments

The English language, like its torturers, is losing the use of some of its bits! And that’s just plain irritating for proud students of its values.

In the old days a representative of a country enjoyed the epithet by means of an adjective: the English sprinter, the Australian batsman. No longer. S/he is now the England athlete, etc.

And even more cringeworthily, s/he no longer battles against opponents or protests against officials’ decisions. The preposition has gone awol.

And verbs? Who needs ’em? Just use nouns instead. Our winner now debuts and podiums – such ugliness.

Relax, Norman

February 26, 2015 2 comments

Put your bike back in the shed. Your renowned cricket test now qualifies a new nation of would-be immigrants.

Afghanistan defeated Scotland today!

And dontchya just love it?!


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