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Centre Court

July 7, 2015 1 comment

All white

July 3, 2015 11 comments

I like Wimbledon the Brand. It’s civilised, respectful and clean-cut. (Apart from the Aussie supporters who insist on spoiling it for everyone else.)

But the otherwise admirable Federer is complaining about the dress code – with encouragement from a mouthy Murican misfit with dayglo hair.

Look, Rog and whatever your name is, if you don’t like our rules, don’t play. You’re not muslims, are you?

It’s pantomime time

June 30, 2015 3 comments


Cinderella acquired her ticket to the ball some years ago, thanks to the innumeracy of the organisers far away in Brussels. She couldn’t, nay would never pay but her virginal charms were always enough. Why? Because the chairman of the committee really really needed friends from down there.

Even Cinders’ ugly siblings along the shores of the warm sea managed to pay, after a few lessons from the dance-masters.

The Hardup family had friends who lent Cinders cash all the time. But she squandered it on who-knows-what. Even Mother Goose chipped in.

Would our poor heroine be allowed to dance at all? Would she elope with Prince Putin? And would it all end in tears?

Watch the news every day for the next several weeks/months/years to find out.

Aristophanes aka Janus is a staff reporter.


And for their next trick…

June 24, 2015 22 comments

Scotland plans to reduce the Royal funding. Is this the thin end of the monarchic wedge? Will regions destroy the Windsors by attrition? Will Andrew have to go by easyJet? Will the PoW have to iron a shirt and tie a shoelace? Is this the end of the world?

Right turn!

June 19, 2015 16 comments

Contrary to expectations (sound familiar?) the Blue Block have won the Danish general election. Bye bye, Gucci Helle!

Fascinatingly, the electoral system has promoted the Danish People’s Party to be the Blues’ biggest component (think UKIP) but the new PM will be another Rasmussen from the Venstre Party. The right wing will however control policy!

Be careful what you wish for, all you British electoral reformers…, 😪



June 14, 2015 7 comments

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Nowt left to say?

June 10, 2015 11 comments

After nearly 6,000 posts maybe the Chariot has run out of things to say. I’m left with questions like: ‘Is Robinson a Swiss family name?’

But cherished colleagues are much cleverer. They know all the answers.

So it’s a shame you don’t share, eh? 😀

Roll call

April 27, 2015 34 comments

Look, every year about this time it’s almost Mayday which seems an appropriate occasion for checking who’s aboard and who’s over-board – if you get my drift….

So kindly signify below if you’ve joined the sinking rats or otherwise.

Your devoted mate, Petty Officer Janus


April 17, 2015 12 comments

Another crude usage from Labour:

‘Debate me!’ quoth he, addressing the people’s favourite, Cameron, who’d refused to join in a tv head2head…,,,

What is he on?

It’s so gratifying

April 7, 2015 11 comments

The perennial mouth, warmonger Bliar seems hell-bent on digging an even deeper hole by alienating Labour voters and willynilly boosting the Tory vote!

Wallace aka Ed Milibrain hates him, and the rest of the policrowd ignore him.




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