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Dash cams

January 3, 2015 4 comments

Incredible stuff!


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Winchester Old for Mrs M and Bearsy

January 2, 2015 3 comments

pom pom

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Results December 2014 Poetry competition

January 2, 2015 5 comments

mouse choirWell here we go, one day late with the results. The invitation was to write a poem with a Christmas scene, traditional or otherwise and/or to use a voice of a Christmas object e.g. mince pie, robin, ice-skate etc. It all sounded so exciting to begin with, but only four entries came in. Nonetheless I feel it was worth it for there were some gem images in and among the entries.  Read more…

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New Year in New York

January 1, 2015 25 comments

I rose this morning just prior to the seeing in of the New Year in New York, the TV was on, so I sat down and watched the Times Square bash over my morning tea.

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Christmas Carol Quiz for Christina

December 31, 2014 37 comments
  1. NBrueghelame three carols where the word “winter” is sung in the verses.
  2. Identify the carol in which the word “snow” appears five times in the same verse.
  3. In which carol do the words “wondering” and “wondrous” appear?
  4. Which two words rhyme with “chime” in Ding Dong Merrily on High?
  5. In which Christmas Carol, does one “strike the harp”?
  6. In the twelve days of Christmas, what was sent by “my true love” on the 9th day of Christmas.
  7. Identify the carol from which this metre is taken from the 1st and 3rd lines of each verse.                       “pom pom  –  pompom  pom  pom  pom  pom”.
  8. In which carol are the cows depicted as “twitching the sweet hay”?
  9. Name the two composers who scored separate musical setting of “In the Bleak mid-winter”.
  10. In which 15th century verse/carol is the birth of the baby Jesus described “as dew in April”. (Leonard Berkeley was commissioned to set this to music in the 1960’s)
  11. Name this macaronic 15th century carol which celebrates the sacrifice of a wild animal. (No Janus, this has nothing to do with macaroni.)

So there you go; encouraged by Boadicea for posting a Quiz and admonished by Christina for failing to acknowledge her musical talents.  Read more…

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Living With the Huns V: Yuletide a la Hun

December 30, 2014 7 comments

The weekend before Christmas, feeling somewhat guilty about not getting to it sooner, I walked down Christoph Straße in order to purchase my grandparents presents. My grandfather, an iconoclast in practically all matters, was rather difficult to shop for. Any material gift would be taken not as an act of kindness, but as being burdened by another bit of useless tat to add to his already uncomfortably large collection of tat. My blessed grandmamma was, as usual, far easier to buy a present for. A compulsive hoarder with a bitter sense of having wasted most of her 83 years, any unusual trinket she will appreciate. The search for a present for my grandfather concluded with the discovery of a small box of chocolates. For my grandmother, a Vietnamese coffee maker sufficed. My grandfather is not diabetic and he enjoys eating a piece of chocolate or two now and again. My grandmother has in recent months become overly fond of espresso and other strong coffees.

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Carol Singing? Nah, don’t fink so.

December 30, 2014 12 comments

Carols at ChristmasWearing your  pullover with the V neck at the back might well set a new trend in fashion. Wearing the said pullover walking up and down the aisle of the church as a sidesman would have been good practice for an elderly guy’s future cat-walking exhibitionism. This is what happened to a mate of mine this December. I would think the congregation neither knew if he was coming or going. Its a wonder no one in the congregation tugged his sleeve and commented on it.  Perhaps they were all too polite, perhaps many were confused. Perhaps many were asleep.

Anyway, this leads me into a rant about Carol Singing – the Downside.  Read more…

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We have strict rabies control so why not Ebola control?

December 30, 2014 6 comments

Am I the only one to feel that these “heroes/heroines” who go off to West Africa to help Ebola victims should not be permitted to waltz back into the UK with a warm, virtuous glow in their hearts and the Ebola virus somewhere about their person?

Now all the other passengers who were on the same flights as the first victim are put through the stress of worrying whether they may have been infected, through no fault of their own.  And the already stretched resources of the NHS have to be mobilised to care for the infected person.

The UK needs to set up a quarantine centre for such returning heroes, where they must be kept until they can be declared free of infection.  No parent sends a child to school with chickenpox or measles, so why should someone possibly infected with the Ebola virus immediately come back into society? As the parents of the measles-stricken child have to keep that child at home at their own expense, so should those who have exposed themselves to the possibility of Ebola infection pay for their quarantine. Six months in kennels might be a bit much; a few weeks should suffice for those who dash off to help their fellow men in Africa with a singular disregard for the welfare of their fellow citizens in the UK.

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Happy New Year

December 29, 2014 6 comments

A few days early, I know, to say ‘Happy New Year’ but life’s going to get busy again, with work and socialising … so here are a few frosty photos.

??????????I went for a walk this morning down into the local park and then down to the canal. It was a wonderful morning, though my fingers became a little chilled as I found I couldn’t really control the camera with gloves on! Read more…

It’s Christmas!

December 25, 2014 10 comments

Have a good one.


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