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Do You Remember an Inn, Thingy?

February 10, 2015 26 comments

I worry that the day will come when I won’t remember anything at all. I tend to draw what remains of the tattered and frayed cloth of my memory around me against that cold dawn.

It follows that I get seriously concerned when I come across things about which I think I should have known. Take siskins, for example. I am assured by Google that they are small and active finches with narrow bills which are common in Scotland.

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YACT (Yet another con trick)

I see that the latest flawed data analysis that has been misleading everyone for years has just come to light. I turns out that dairy fats are not so bad for you after all. Like so many other things, poor interpretation of flawed data has lead to many people giving up on things they need not have given up on e.g. proper milk, cheese and all the other wonders of the dairy.

I wonder when the Global Warming scammers will get the same treatment (Boston Mass, has just had the worst snow on record) ? It has often been said that you can prove what you like with statistics and that the science (or should that be art) of statistics is to select the sampling method to get the result you want.

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Living With Huns VII: Equal in Germany.

February 8, 2015 18 comments

When I was young and lived in Germany my life was generally okay. I was popular and had friends. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew me, everyone who worked at school knew me. Some thought I was strange, but most liked me. My mother didn’t have much money. Despite being nominally married, my parents had had a schism several years before resulting in my mum returning to Germany. She was attending university with the aim of becoming a haematologist. My grandmamma agreed to mind me when she was away or too busy with her studies. My grandfather enjoyed slapping me around after a bad day, but that was typical of what was to come.

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Lost for words

February 4, 2015 6 comments

The recent atrocities by those Islamist homicidal nutters has left me shaking my head.

I refer of course to the awful, awful murder of the Jordanian pilot, the gay man hurled off a building and the too numerous beheadings, crucifixions etc. that I read about on an almost daily basis.

Their depravity has sunk to new levels.

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Monopoly money

February 2, 2015 34 comments

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the game of Monopoly, the manufacturers are apparently putting some real euros in the cash pile in a few boxes of the game.

The question in my mind is, given the current state of the single currency, whether there will be much difference between it and the real Monopoly money.

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Pulling teeth

February 1, 2015 15 comments

That’s life on the Chariot. Sad.

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My Dad

January 31, 2015 10 comments

Dear all, I have just written this as an entry to the writing competition on MyT.

Am not sure whether you will find it interesting enough to read, but simply wish to share it with anyone who does.

My Dad

Given what many would consider an unfortunate Christian name of Basil on 15th April 1925, my father was born into a large, poor family only 50 yards from the cliff tops in Lowestoft.  He was one of seven children, a family smitten by tragedy during his childhood.

The eldest, Horace, was killed in 1939 soon after the beginning of World War 2. Dad’s oldest sister, Edith died also when he was 14, from tuberculosis. She was his very close and favourite sister. Her death had a dramatic effect on his behaviour during that time. Read more…

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I’m Feeling Naughty

January 30, 2015 1 comment

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Bitter Lake

January 27, 2015 10 comments
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A Greek Tragedy

January 26, 2015 36 comments

One feels an enormous amount of sympathy for the Greek people but the birthplace of democracy and the cradle of Western civilisation has suffered and will suffer for its profligacy.

Greece is insolvent, broke, bankrupt: its government cannot repay its debts and will never be able to do so.

What happens next will be interesting but it may well be painful for Europe and fatal for the Euro.

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