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A poem for the November competition.

Thanks to Janus’s incredibly good taste, it appears I am in a position to set the theme for November’s Pome Comp.

Since Mrs FEEG and I will be visiting our son and daughter-in-law in Washington, for Thanksgiving, I think a good theme for a poem would be Giving Thanks.
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Remembrance weekend & gravatars

November 4, 2014 16 comments

I always think of “Toc” our late member when this time of the year comes around.

It was always he that stirred us into to casting our minds back and thinking of those who fell during the many conflicts, in many different parts of the world for far too long.

I was pleased to see the Springboks with the poppy on our shirt during the destruction of the Welsh in Cardiff yesterday. In remembrance of Toc and the millions of others, I’ve changed mine.

(re-posted from last year, complete with comments)

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On the Buses

November 4, 2014 2 comments

Here’s a fairly typical suburban scene.

Commuters waiting for a bus, a broken fence, a lamppost in the middle of my picture but what’s written on those pieces of paper stuck on the windows?

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Skeleton crew

November 3, 2014 5 comments

A few of the lads took up the October poetry challenge, willing to find rhythms and rhymes and explore a hypothetical world which could end with a dinosaur. So FEEG, OZ, Soutie and Christopher wound their intrepid way via warriors, witches, ire and irritation.

Thank you, all. Backside and I have examined the slomo video and judged the winner, by the breadth of a vertebra, to be FEEG’s political rant! The golden trowel goes to you!

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A reminder for Bravo, Sheona and Boadicea.

November 2, 2014 36 comments

Good morning,
I just wanted to verify if our
planned gathering on Wednesday at London City Airport
scheduled for roughly 10:45-11:00 is still set.

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A Couple of Books

November 1, 2014 4 comments

In 1848 Robert Fortune was sent by the East india Company to obtain tea plants and the wherewithal (incl. people) to plant them in the company’s plantations in the Himalayas.

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Maritime Picture for the Weekend

October 31, 2014 6 comments

Nice?  I thought so, not my picture, taken by the organizer of the “Downrigging Weekend” in Chestertown, Maryland, an annual event  for wooden boats and tall ships.  I like the remains of the morning mist drifting off to the right. Read more…

Things you see while walking dogs.

October 31, 2014 17 comments
Mushroom 1

Is this Mushroom edible ?

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Nothing Changes.

October 30, 2014 3 comments

Below is an excerpt from a piece in the Spectator by Peregrine Worsthorne. It’s a reminder that nothing changes and that we cannot trust the press. This was more damaging in the times to which the article refers, because there was no facility to comment or to quickly check the facts both of which we can now do thanks to the Internet.

I think it was the Hoover experience all over again. I had actually talked to Senator McCarthy — which is more than most of my Washington colleagues had done — and I wanted everyone to know that he had made much more sense than his detractors recognised. As a matter of fact I still think so. Once the Cold War against communism had begun in earnest, as it just had, it really was a bit of a scandal that the Truman establishment, in charge of prosecuting that war, continued to employ so many former communist sympathisers, just as it would have been a scandal in 1940, once America had come into the war against Germany, if the Washington establishment had gone on employing erstwhile Nazi sympathisers. In other words, Joe McCarthy had a trenchant point. Unfortunately for me, however, the point was not only unacceptable in the Oval Office; it was utterly unacceptable to the editor of the Times, a dyed-in-the-wool liberal called Sir William Haley who had formerly been director-general of the BBC, and who wrote to say that my job in Washington was not to find excuses for Senator McCarthy but to condemn him.

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This is quite enough.

October 28, 2014 13 comments

Germany is a highly regulated country. No one has ever denied that. In fact, many wry observations have been made concerning the level of bureaucracy and regulation in the Federal Republic. Not too long ago, a woman at my health insurance company told me a joke about Germany: “Germany, your bureaucrats”. Part of this is cultural. Germans tend to see things in black and white. Germans also tend to prefer said black and said white to be as clearly delineated as possible.
This is also reflected in the German legal system. Forms and contracts in Germany tend to be quite succinct, especially when compared to those written in Common Law countries. The German Civil Code is very detailed and covers virtually every aspect of commerce and legally binding agreements. There is little point in outlining terms and conditions because any agreement would be subject to established rules and regulations.
Today, however, I spotted something which simply went too far. It being a cool day, I found it necessary to go to a convenience. After paying my obligatory 50-cent fee, annoying but tolerable considering that in exchange the convenience is clean and well-maintained, I saw an illustrated guide to adhering to regulations concerning how men may use a toilet. Yes, there are now regulations concerning which position men can be in while using a toilet. I am not entirely sure how they intend to enforce these regulations, but they have illustrated guides showing how to obey these regulations. We men must sit when urinating, not stand. I wish them the very best of luck in their attempts to persuade men to comply with this.

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