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After the Legal Question, one for our scientists.

October 10, 2014 24 comments

I was reading an SF story where the heroine had to solve a Schroedinger-like event to save someone’s life after a space battle and an even more puzzling quantum event came to mind – a real poser

A cat always lands on its feet, right? And a slice of buttered toast always lands butter side down. So, what happens if you stick a slice of toast on a cat’s back butter side up…

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A legal question

October 9, 2014 6 comments

The story about the gambler who was refused his winnings by a gambling club because they said he cheated – a claim upheld in the High Court – caught my eye this morning.  I had always understood that gambling activity was binding ‘in honour only’ and did not represent contracts in law.  Is this not the case?

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The Painter

October 9, 2014 5 comments

The Dewani trial

October 7, 2014 6 comments

Here are the last 4 days front pages of what is probably Cape Town’s largest daily newspaper, as you can see, one story dominates.

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Hard for Labour

October 5, 2014 4 comments

I see that the churlish Balls is threatening to levy his Mansion Tax on HM the Queen. Well, Backside points out that One’s only privately owned res in England is Sandringham. The rest are in Scotland where Labour seem unlikely to have much say in the matter for very long. Not much revenue there then!

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September Photo Competition – Then and Now – Results.

October 3, 2014 5 comments

Well that was then and now it’s well past the closing time, but better late than not at all, so here goes.

All entries responsive to the theme (including Janus with one both late and illegal from Hong Kong)  and some with a slightly different take on it.  I particularly liked Soutie’s notices (the changing world of announcements could be a subject with almost as much scope as butchered movie titles).

But the prize this month goes to Pseu, a  couple of great photos, taken close to home.  We tend to forget how much our immediate surroundings also change over time,  just look out the window and try to recall how it was when you moved in all those years ago.

Congratulations Pseu.  Good Job.

They’re at it again.

October 3, 2014 25 comments

January 2009. Gordon Brown orders Labour (?) MPs to vote to keep MPs expenses secret – and we all know why, don’t we? October 2013. MPs try to keep any probes into their expenses secret – I wonder why?

Meanwhile, we have Millie spitting his dummy over any suggestion that MPs representing Scottish constituencies should not be allowed to vote on matters dealing solely with England – matters that they can affect in an electorate they do not represent but which they cannot affect in the electorate that they do represent.

Then there’s our Dave, running scared and adopting UKIP policies wholesale – or trying to – and waving a promise of a referendum on the EU in front of the voters in exactly the same way that he did last time around. Well we all know what happened to that there ‘cast iron promise,’ don’t we?

Does anyone still believe anything that these people say?

PS. 2013? Behind the times? Moi?

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If we were politically inclined witches…..

Just got a few minutes before I have to go out, so I penned this. It seems appropriate given the time of year with the conference season just ending and Halloween not so far away…..

If we were politically inclined witches

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Some thoughts on Hong Kong.

October 1, 2014 22 comments

I wrote this before Janus posted his blog, but my internet was too slow and I had to save it until today.

When the United Kingdom and China were negotiating the retrocession, or betrayal as some argue, of Hong Kong to China some British diplomats argued that the Chinese can get very nasty if they don’t get their way. With time against them and holding only a very weak hand, the British government did the best it could for Britain’s last major colony. At least in theory, Hong Kong would control most of its own affairs and have a separate status for at least 50 years. If China pleased, it could continue as it was far beyond that. Formalities concluded, flags exchanged and anything not unduly difficult to remove removed, Hong Kong once again became Chinese territory.

Despite the ceremonies and the official line, this was not an event happily accepted. Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers left Hong Kong, establishing bridgeheads in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. If things became too bad in Hong Kong something could always be arranged elsewhere. Again, despite what some aspects in China and even Hong Kong itself argue, the vast majority of those who left were not criminals. Rather, they were people who with good reason did not trust the integrity of Beijing.
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Sausage Dog

September 30, 2014 46 comments

Dasher Daschshund grew quite barmy,
he fell in love with a salami.
He knew that wondrous, fickle fate
Had brought his aromatic mate.

But months of unrequited lust,
turned little Dasher’s heart to dust.
He found he couldn’t go on living,
a life so harsh and unforgiving …
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