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Another of my loony tunes for the July competition

Happiness is a pint of beer

Happiness is a pint of beer
Although drinking it makes you feel queer
How can one possibly fail
To like the taste of the golden ale?

Is the glass of beer half full
As some will ask as you take a pull
Or is that glass half empty
As some of the others will imply?

The answer to that is so simple
It makes your smile show us your dimple
If you are drinking from the glass
It is half empty, since you ask.

Happiness is a pint of beer
Drinking it drives away all fear
The only time you may regret it
Is when you wake feeling very fetid!

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The Babyface gang

July 5, 2014 3 comments

That great escapist medium, Comic Books, has its flaws: regurgitated stories, invincibility of the heroes, predictability of plot lines. Where it does captivate and amuse can be in the startling array of varied villains that show up to take over the world or their little part of it. Sometimes the tale is only worthwhile if there’s a good baddie in it.

Bruce Springsteen wrote a song called “57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)” which ends with the protagonist firing a bullet from a .44 Magnum through the television set. Well yesterday I was zapping and powing through 500 channels and there was nothing on. The only magnum I had was an ice-cream. By this time I had buttoned in to the cartoon channels and found nirvana. The DC comics cartoon, The Brave and the Bold, was playing on CITV (Children‘s ITV). Read more…

A new entry at Number Ten

July 2, 2014 1 comment

It’s (What a start! Talk about courage) always good when one of our own crack the sky. Treading lightly at number 10 in the UK album charts alongside the company of leviathans such as Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Lana del Rey and…Dolly Parton, are Mastodon, a progressive metal band from America with their new long player, Once More ‘Round The Sun.

I realise, of course, that older members might not care much for this type of music and wish that it were extinct like Harlan’s Muskox, The Tarpan or Toxodon. However, Mastodon are keeping the faith alive.
Play it Loud.

Another Entry for for CO’s Cornucopia of Fruits

July 2, 2014 5 comments

I’m in the same boat as Soutie with little possibility of being able to offer photos of actual fruit on the bough in Caledonia (stern and wild) at this time of year unless I visit greenhouse or poly tunnel.

So, given that the rule is, as Soutie says, “Fruits – on a twig, stem, branch etc.”, here’s my entry.

It’s fruit at the front of a branch of an Israeli supermarket in the German Quarter of Jerusalem.


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July 1, 2014 9 comments

Dear cherished reader

It is good to be back again. In the interim two things have happened which I would like to share with you.

Firstly, and most importantly, Silvie went up to Lisbon at the end of January for her operation. The surgeon, who appears in the following clip, is a miracle worker and provided Silvie with a titanium pin permanently inserted into her “shin” bone onto which a removable carbon fibre blade is attached by three Allen screws. The film of Silvie’s first ever walk on the new prosthesis was taken by the hospital.

The difference is remarkable. Read more…

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It’s a Worry No 2 – George Galloway

June 30, 2014 7 comments

You have to understand that I really do not like George Galloway. Never have ever since I first read about his venal activities in Dundee Labour Party. In his time, he has ripped off the charity he worked  for, grovelled shamelessly to Saddam Hussein, ruthlessly exploited  the Muslim vote and done so much more for his own ends and for self aggrandisement. He was also a totally rubbish cat in ‘Big Brother’. Read more…

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Underrated: Either Or

June 30, 2014 10 comments

The Either Or gig gets a bad press and it’s time to right this (or that) wrong. It’s all Either’s fault. Hate the Either. With Either multiple choices (ABCD, alright then ABC…or D) can be used. Either Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover, Volvo XC60 Or Ulrika Jonsson? Or is definitely a two horse race. Makes it simpler. Easier to bet on, better chances. Light or dark, black or white and so on and so forth. I wish that Either was also in binary code so that you could not utter an Either without an Or being in the vicinity. Love the Or. This bad guy, Either can do a runner and go solo like Han or Skid. We will leave Neither Nor for anorther day as I’ve still to make my mind up on those two. So it’s Either or Or.

Common Either Or’s are-

Coffee or tea?

Marvel or DC?

Winter or summer? Read more…

DIY Masterpiece

June 28, 2014 16 comments

Reading about Tracy Emin’s artwork My Bed and the fact that it is coming up for sale at Christie’s next week, when she hopes it will be bought by a museum, made me realise that we could all produce our own My Bed without any vast outlay.

Some weeks ago I spoke a few sharp words to older granddaughter, age four and a half.  She disappeared from view and I later found her curled up under our duvet.  The bed looked as if a hurricane had struck it, but all the items on my bedside table were as they had been.

So the recipe is simple.  Make bed neatly as usual; introduce small child into the home (how you acquire one is up to you);  utter a sharp reprimand and stand back.  Your masterpiece can then be personalised to your taste with your own belongings such as bedroom slippers, handcream, medication, bedside reading and so on, and could possibly be worth around £1 million. You may not wish to have it on public display, but will have the warm glow of having created a masterpiece.

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Mostly Fruits.

Everything is ridiculously early, about two weeks so I would estimate.


These are snow peas in my patch of the community garden up in Everson.  No deer there and a bit of company from likeminded gardeners.  Gives the dogs a break too, they get to supervise more humans.

Read more…

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Piccie comp.

Preface-  LW is BAD, NAUGHTY and generally WICKED, may his tomatoes rot!

That said, and seeing my arboriferous botanical excesses have put me in the hot seat after studiously avoiding such for 5 years, I shall torture you with the following-

Fruits-  not I hasten to add on two legs,  more the botanical type on a twig , stem, branch etc.  Any sort of fruit, veg, wild flowers, trees. The difficulty here is are you sure what is a fruit  and what is not?  Hint, a carrot is NOT a fruit, excruciating, exigent exculpation will only be offered to those who are botanically correct according to Linnaeus.  I’m sure the winner will be able to accord the correct botanical form to such besides the species! Closing date 20th July.

That should cut the field down a bit!!!  Am I allowed to win?

PS I am not sure but should I have this on the competition page?  As I am a lot better with fruit than I am computers perhaps some kind soul will help out if I should?

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