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Doesn’t surprise me.

December 1, 2015 21 comments

This was forwarded to me by a friend.  How true it is, not verifiable. But considering some of the footage of rioting immigrants en route probably not far out. I have no doubts that such news is being suppressed by governments as are mosque attacks.

“I have friends in Europe and one of them directed me to the following today. This is an
Eyewitness story from a doctor working in Germany at a Munich hospital, a retired physician
From the Czech Republic who went to work there because they needed additional help.
This is part of her email from Germany:

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Must Have Info.

November 27, 2015 29 comments

It has been drawn to my attention that the vast majority of people do not know how to cook yams! Especially Europeans, sorry, denizens of that there ‘civilised’ continent.

This is, of course, a total disaster and could cause the downfall of empires.  Look what it did for the Mayans!

There have been terrible rumours of people assaulting this poor vegetable with marshmallows, what an excrescence!!  A gluey blackened mess that even the pigs, (four legged, not you in the back there!) would not touch with a trotter.

Louisiana Yams have been part of my repertoire since my 70s sojourn in the Deep South.  They go thus-

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The Endurance Test!

October 28, 2015 18 comments

Thought you all might be amused at my thank you letter to my friends in the UK

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I’ve never seen the like!

The Met Gala, how could they?

The Metropolitan Museum of Arts has been until recently a fairly august institution, a place to go.  Not anymore!

I have never seen the like, last night was more like a trip to a pre civil war New Orleans brothel with the ‘high yellers’ putting on a show. Obscene costumes, one hesitates to call them dresses revealing more than one could possibly bear to see,  on utterly revolting tarts, whores and z list celebrities.  Really too too much.  Most of them needed a night in the cells to reflect.  Does the Museum seriously want to promote such images?

I do hope they air the place out today or the unsuspecting will get more than their fair share of cocaine and HIV lurking in the ether!

Well that is another place strictly off my visiting list!  Pity, I rather liked the ‘Cloisters’.

I should imagine that those who financed the place in the past must be spinning in their graves!

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Easter was cancelled

Been somewhat harrowing round here of late.  We finally decided to move into town to our little house.  Five acres is just becoming too much to cope with.

Having put it on the market, one more time, we took one look and realised quite how much housekeeping we haven’t done of late!  Heaps of crap everywhere.  It took spousal unit 10 days to clear the office, to one’s horror, no filing had been done since 2009, oops!

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Tea reminds me………

February 11, 2015 22 comments

Oranges, marmalade oranges, Seville sour oranges to be precise, no other to be borne!

You cannot buy decent marmalade in the USA unless you buy UK import stuff which is still the cheap end of the market, pretty gruesome stuff.  The locals here make marmalade with any old sweet oranges, pallid tepid stuff of no use at all to put iron in the soul of your toast!

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In Lighter Mode

January 14, 2015 10 comments

This caught my eye in the Vancouver Sun.

Absolutely splendid that no-one turfed her off the bus or asks for a fare!  Evidently the Bus company think she is a good marketing tool and are happy to accommodate her.

Mind you, Seattle is full of some VERY strange people!

You can just imagine this happening in London can’t you?  NOT!  Imagine the fuss of the burka contingent to sitting on a seat previously occupied by a dog!  I know who I’d rather ride next to. (Or for the pedants, I know, next to whom, I would rather ride!)

All pedantic comments accepted joyfully as the sun is shining and I’m going gardening.  Three four legged supervisors dressed in winter finery will accompany me to see I’m doing it right.

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Some pics for J

August 31, 2014 1 comment


Ross lake hydro power dam, this is where we get our power.

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I seriously don’t get this. Re M17

There seems to be a constant litany of complaint that bodies have been moved and some taken to the morgue.  Also the site has not been safeguarded for the powers that be.  Russia is behind the whole thing etc etc.

I have the following questions.

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Mostly Fruits.

Everything is ridiculously early, about two weeks so I would estimate.


These are snow peas in my patch of the community garden up in Everson.  No deer there and a bit of company from likeminded gardeners.  Gives the dogs a break too, they get to supervise more humans.

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