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Place your bets!

March 16, 2014 20 comments

They really shouldn’t let me out.  Boring rainy days potting in the greenhouse tend to bring on entertaining thoughts and scenarios.  Only in this case the scenarios do not have a very entertaining conclusion.

I offer you these thought associations.

1. Airplanes do not disappear, they have to be somewhere.

2.The communication systems were turned off before the last vocal communication with Malaysia, which presupposes that the plane was being hijacked/misappropriated for another purpose.

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Curious and Curiouser

Isn’t it interesting that the Crimea can organise a referendum in ten days and we can’t get one in decades? Now then, what does that say for the  democratic process?

Even more curious are the howls of condemnation from the so called Western democracies that they shouldn’t be allowed a referendum as it is against International law, (Obama quote), against Ukraine’s constitution , (EUSSR quote) and generally against the interest of the citizenry of the Crimea, (all and sundry!)

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Eh Oops, Its Global Warming!

February 24, 2014 17 comments


36 Hours and 10″ later…..

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Postscript to the bloody Canadians.

February 24, 2014 7 comments

24 hours after Sochi was done and dusted, that is this morning, the CBC announced on the radio that Canada was second in the Olympics.

On checking the medal table they were 4th overall and 3rd in the gold medals.  The USA were 2nd overall.  Needless to say the Americans were not mentioned.

Sorry, but they are a pack of delusionally strange people who tell bare faced lies.

This is absolutely typical of them.

    RUS 13 11 9 33
2   NOR 11 5 10 26
3   CAN 10 10 5 25
4   USA 9 7 12 28
5   NED 8 7 9 24
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Oh god, Not Again.

February 7, 2014 8 comments

Oh God, one more time the news and TV stations busy obsessing with sport.  We have only just had the end of the bloody Seahawks and the Superbowl carry on round here and now it has headed straight into the bloody Olympics.

I have to say I regard Russia with an unfavourable basilisk eye on the subject of poisoning my favourite four legged people and leaving them to die in the streets of Sochi.  I fail to understand why they had to pick on dogs to exterminate when they had two groups far more deserving to pick on for immolation.  They could have got the LBGT contingent or the revolting ragheads and done the world a favour!  Or me at least!  I might have even watched if Chechnya had been nuked!  Short of that, nothing on earth would get me to tune into ABC the next three weeks!

I strenuously object to the waste of money, corruption, venality and general greed of the whole shebang.  I suggest the money would have been far better spent ensuring contraception in the third world that is so keen to send us their excess populations!

Frankly if this is the best that humanity can do the sooner we get wiped out the better!  I do not see giant cockroaches or whatever inherits the earth as a bunch to waste their substance on such stupidity.  I bet they would build their flood defences first!

Needless to say I do not patronise any of the advertisers at such happenings and events.  The one thing any of us can do is to refuse to buy their products in protest. the lot of them disgust me (and spousal unit)  Sometimes I actually know why we married each other!!

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Devil’s freeze for sipu

January 23, 2014 11 comments

There isn’t really a recipe, it is old deep South, handful of this and that!

Start off with a quart of good vanilla ice cream, I use a recipe with eggs, cream and milk, scalded plus vanilla and sugar into the ice cream maker.  Or you could start with a large tub of best ice cream already made.

Part freeze and then add, chopped pecans, chopped angelica, flaked sweetened coconut (NOT dessicated) and brandy, no more than 3-4 tablespoons per quart otherwise you screw up the freezing temp abd get slurp instead.  Freeze hard, pack in a box and leave to firm up for a day or so.  You would need a good handful of each addition.

If you need a good ice cream basic recipe let me know and I’ll dig mine out.

How the Confederates managed to lose with ice cream like this defeats me utterly!

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January 17, 2014 14 comments

Does anyone here have any experience of Japan?

Watching a movie yesterday afternoon, The Last Samurai, got to talking subsequently with spousal unit re Japan. Thought about it and realised that Japan never seems to contribute to foreign aid, never takes immigrants, never seems to take asylum seekers and the rest of the world doesn’t emit a peep of comment let alone tell them to share the load?

Why not?  considering all the ‘earole’ Australia gets over the boat people.  Nothing to stop the Indonesians turning left up the China Sea is there?  But they don’t.  All pictures of Japan appear to be homogenous native population, no blacks, browns, spotted or striped etc. The odd white appears to be tolerated if they live in their style.  Is that fair comment?

Any offers of elucidation?


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For the blessed Fumada

December 30, 2013 4 comments

Aka that damned cat!

ImageYou may remember that Oz’s cat took to his new jumper and misappropriated it as a new sleeping blanket?  Fortunately I had a couple of ounces left and some other stuff, eh voila, a new cat blanket.  Needless to say I have not actually uttered these heretical words in this canine orientated household.  Hairy horrible hound denizens would wreak havoc at such betrayal!!

NOW OZ, what we/I want is to see you in your new jumper and the cat on her blanket in a picture. Get to it!

My God, Christmas presents for cats, I’m truly in my dotage!

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Finished at Last!

November 30, 2013 6 comments
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Something Most Peculiar

November 26, 2013 5 comments

Yesterday evening, ie 8 hrs behind the UK, I read an article in the Daily Mail about Angola. (Actually one is marginally surprised that they actually knew such a place existed!)

It went thus, that the Angolan government were closing and banning mosques from their country as it was a cult that was not in keeping with the Christian ethic of the country.  Other cults and their places of worship (unspecified varieties) were being banned also. No argument, no discussion, end of!

Within a few hours the article had disappeared from the paper but may be acquired if you put Angola into the DM internal search engine. A cursory search of the BBC news site and the Telegraph revealed neither hide nor hair of any such article!

A One wonders if it is true?

B Why is no-one else carrying the story?

C. I cannot credit that the DM editors removed the story by themselves, who is suppressing such a story and why?

D Perhaps ‘they’ are concerned that others may wish to emulate such a splendid idea?!

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